Anti inflammatory phenyl acetic acid derivatives part 2 p cyclo hexylphenyl acetic acid derivatives

Langlois, M.; Rapin, M.; Meingan, J.P.; Van, T.V.; Maillard, J.; Morin, R.; Manuel, C.; Mazmanian, C.

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 11(6): 493-499


ISSN/ISBN: 0223-5234
Accession: 004758341

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Various phenylcyclohexane 1,2,3,4-substituted by a methyl were synthesized. Stereospecific syntheses of trans-1-methyl-2-phenyl cyclohexane were described by cycloaddition of butadiene on cinnamic acid or by hydrogenolysis of 1-phenylnorcarane. Arylacetic and 2-arylpropionic acids were prepared from these hydrocarbons. A conformational study by quantic methods was done to determine the role of methyl on relative position of phenyl and cyclohexyl and to find an eventual relationship with anti-inflammatory activity.