Anti inflammatory phenyl acetic acid derivatives part 3 4 cyclo hexylphenyl acetic acid oxygenated derivatives

Maillard, J.; Langlois, M.; Delaunay, P.; Van, T.V.; Meingan, J.P.; Rapin, M.; Morin, R.; Manuel, C.; Mazmanian, C.

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 12(2): 161-171


ISSN/ISBN: 0223-5234
Accession: 004758342

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New derivatives of 4-cyclohexyl and 4-(1-cyclohexenyl) phenylacetic acids and their .alpha.-methylated derivatives are described. Hydroxy and keto groups in various positions on the cycle as well as methyl groups modify analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities . These are quite notable when an oxygenated function is situated on carbon-3. 3-Substituted compounds are prepared from 4-acylphenylacetic acids (various syntheses described).