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Application of methyl bromide in the protection of pinus spp seedlings and a survey of dynamics of the total and pathogenic myco flora in the soil and rhizosphere

Peno, M.; Popovic, J.; Veselinovic, N.

Zastita Bilja 28(139): 75-84


Accession: 004773775

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With fumigation of the soil with methyl bromide (Terabol method) survival of seedlings of Pinus nigra Arn., P. sylvestris L. and P. strobus L. varied from 88-98% compared to controls which were 36-52%. The fungicide acted on pathogenic and saprophytic fungus soil flora, including mycorrhizal fungi. The stimulative effect of fumigation on the development of microorganisms of ammonification was confirmed. The regeneration and normal recolonization of Fungi Imperfecti and Ascomycetes was effected as early as the middle of the growth season. Basidiomycetes were not established during the 1st season.

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