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Arabinogalactan proteins are localized extracellularly in the transmitting tissue of nicotiana alata an ornamental tobacco

Sedgley, M.; Blesing, M.A.; Bonig, I.; Anderson, M.A.; Clarke, A.E.

Micron and Microscopica Acta 16(4): 247-254


Accession: 004776464

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The localization of a class of proteoglycans, the arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs), within mature styles of N. alata has been examined using three probes: (1) .beta.-glycosyl Yariv reagent, a red dye which is used as a cytochemical stain for light microscopy, (2)monoclonal antibodies to terminal .alpha.-L-arabinofuranosyl residues which bind to the terminal .alpha.-L-arabinofuranosyl residues of AGPs, (3) monoclonal antibodies to terminal .beta.-D-galactopyranosyl residues which bind to style glycoconjugates including the AGPs. The monoclonal antibodies were used in both immunofluorescence and gold immunocytochemical studies. Staining with all probes indicates that the AGPs are present mainly in the extracellular matrix of the transmitting tissue.

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