Arabinogalactan proteins from stigmas of nicotiana alata

Bacic, A.; Gell, A.C.; Clarke, A.E.

Phytochemistry 27(3): 679-684


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-9422
DOI: 10.1016/0031-9422(88)84074-3
Accession: 004776467

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Stigmas of Nicotiana alata, an ornamental tobacco, contain arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs) as major components (ca 65%) of the buffer-soluble high Mr carbohydrate. Glycosyl linkage analyses are compatible with a model of an arabinogalactan with a 3-linked galactan backbone substituted at C(0)6 with chains of 6-linked galactopyranosyl residues terminating in arabinofuranosyl and galactopyranosyl residues. The stigma AGPs have a low content of uronic acids (0.5-1.0% glucuronic acid). As isolated, they contain only a small amount of protein that is rich in hydroxproline, serine, alanine, threonine, glycine, glutamate/glutamine and aspartate/asparigine. They migrate as single components with low charge (Rf 0.06) on crossed-electrophoresis. Only minor differences are apparent between AGPs isolated from different genotypes based on monosaccharide, amino acid and glycosyl linkage analyses.