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Articulate brachiopods from the richmondian of tennessee usa

Howe, H.J.

Journal of Paleontology 62(2): 204-218


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3360
Accession: 004781101

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The Richmondian (Upper Ordovician) strata in the Central Basin of Tennessee yield an abundant and diverse fauna of brachiopods. The section consists in ascending and conformable order of the "Arnheim" and Fernvale Formations. The following species are described: Austinella kankakensis (McChesney), Diceromyonia tersa Wang, Glyptorthis insculpta maquoketensis Ladd, Hebertella occidentalis (Hall), Onniella meeki (Miller), Paucicrura quadrata (Wang), Pionodema alberstadti n. sp., Plaesiomys bellistriatus Wang, P. proavita (Winchell and Schuchert), Platystrophia acutilirata (Conrad), P. ponderosa, Foerste, Rafinesquina sp., Retrorsirostra carleyi (Hall), Strophomena planumbona (Hall), Tetraphalerella neglecta (James), Thaerodonta recedens (Sardeson), and Zygospira modesta (Hall). Faunal comparisons confirm correlations with the Cape Limestone of southeastern Missouri, the Maquoketa Formation of Iowa, the upper part of the Viola Formation of Oklahoma, the Aleman and Cutter Formations in West Texas, and the standard Richmond section. The fauna in Tennessee connects the provincial Richmond in the Ohio Valley with the western faunas.

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