Ascorbic acid metabolism in post hatched chicken tissues under normal and inanition conditions part 1 in some ascorbic acid and hormone synthesizing tissues

Chinoy, N.J.; Parmar, P.Y.

Pavo 13(1-2): 47-53


Accession: 004782812

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A cytophotometric study on the levels of ascorbic acid in some tissues of developing chicks under normal and starved conditions revealed that the adrenals and liver of chicks showed a reduction in the vitamin level while kidney and gonads showed an increase. The decrease/increase in ascorbic acid in these tissues resulting from starvation could probably be a result of increaed/decreased utilization or else diminished/increased synthesis, especially in tissues such as liver and kidney which are the sites of active synthesis of the vitamin in birds. The metabolism of ascorbic acid is geared to withstand the state of inanition.