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Assessment of specific anti-tumour immunity in lung cancer patients by means of leukocyte migration inhibition test. The role of antigenic preparations

Zeromski, J.; Jezewska, E.; Lawniczak, M.; Górny, M.K.

Materia Medica Polona. Polish Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy 14(1-2): 68-73


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-5246
PMID: 7186996
Accession: 004788156

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Lung cancer patients (123) and a control group of 112 blood bank donors were subjected to capillary tube leukocyte migration inhibition test (LMIT). Two main varieties of antigens were used, 3M KCl extracts of surgical tumor specimens and formalinized tumor cells, either from surgery or from lung cancer established cell line E-14. In addition, 3 KCl extracts from human fetal lung and a number of control extracts, including those of colon carcinoma, of normal human lung and of normal human leukocytes were tested as an antigen in the test. About 50% of patients were reactive with both main varieties of antigen used. Reactions with KCl extracts were lung cancer specific and were not bound to organ specific and transplantation antigens. Formalinized tumor cells made from surgical specimens were the most reactive, providing 70% of positive inhibitions of migration. All fetal lung KCl extracts (from weeks 19, 22, 26 of gestation) were reactive, yielding 25-100% of positive tests. The latter reactions were not CEA [carcinoembryonic antigen] dependent. Most reactive patients had a squamous cell variety of lung carcinoma and were in stage I or II stage according to TNM [tumor node metastasis] system.

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