Austrian pine pinus nigra cultivar austriaca injury traced to ozone and sulfur di oxide pollution

Brennan, E.; Leone, I.; Harkov, R.; Rhoads, A.

Plant Disease 65(4): 363-364


ISSN/ISBN: 0191-2917
Accession: 004799343

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A foliar disorder of Austrian pine observed in New Jersey (USA) since 1967 resulted from a mixture of O2 and SO2. In fumigation chamber studies, a mixture of 0.2 ppm O3 and 0.1 ppm SO2 for 6 h reproduced symptoms observed in the field. Grafted material originating from trees that exhibited either a sensitive or resis tant response in the field gave the same differential response in the experimental fumigation. Needles of resistant trees had higher stomatal resistance and higher soluble sugar content than needles of susceptible trees.