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Autoimmune thyroid disease: purification and phenotypic analysis of intrathyroid T cells

Canonica, G.W.; Caria, M.; Torre, G.; Risso, A.; Cosulich, M.E.; Bagnasco, M.

Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 7(6): 641-645


ISSN/ISBN: 0391-4097
PMID: 6335716
DOI: 10.1007/bf03349499
Accession: 004801085

A phenotypic analysis of T cells infiltrating the thyroid of patients with autoimmune thyroid disease (both Graves' disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis) was performed. T lymphocytes were purified from mononuclear cells extracted from surgically removed tissue. The following markers were evaluated: la antigens, MLR4 antigen (expressed on activated T cells) 5/9 antigen (expressed on a subset of lymphocytes containing the whole "helper-inducer" activity in vitro), Fc gamma-receptors, B9 antigen (expressed by cytotoxic, or precursor of cytotoxic, T cells). We observed increased percentages of 5/9-, MLR4- and la-positive T cells with respect to peripheral blood in both HT and GD: on the contrary, in specimens from nonautoimmune thyroid diseases mononuclear infiltrate was minimal, and even T cell evaluation was not possible. In addition, B9- and Fc gamma-positive T cells were increased in Hashimoto's, but not in Graves' thyroid tissue, thus suggesting a different role of cytotoxic effector mechanisms in the two diseases.

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