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Bacterial decay of the autumnal phyto plankton in lake constance bodensee europe

Simon, M.; Tilzer, M.M.

Schweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Hydrologie 44(2): 263-276


Accession: 004808061

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The breakdown of autumnal phytoplankton was studied in Lake Constance by combining chemical seston analyses, bacterial counts and scanning electron microscopy. High algal biomass was associated with low numbers of free-living bacteria. The degradation of algae occurred in 2 phases. Dissolved material was released, leading to growth of free-living bacteria. Thereafter, bacteria attached to the decaying particles and decomposed them until highly refractory material was left behind. Attached bacteria always comprised < 25% of total bacteria. Dead organic seston exceeded microbial biomass by a factor of 4-10. Pheopigments increased in senescent and dying algal cells relative to chlorophyll. Pheopigment fractions were used as a relative index of algal decay.

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