Basic nuclear proteins in spermatogenesis of di ploid and poly ploid forms of the chinese silkworm part 2 dna and histone content in the nuclei of spermatogenic cells in tri ploid animals

Zakhidov, S.T.; Marshak, T.L.; Danilova, L.V.

Tsitologiya 20(6): 657-664


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-3771
Accession: 004812833

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DNA and histone contents were measured in the spermatogenic cells of testes taken from triploid silkworm larvae of the 5th instar. A discrepancy between DNA and histone contents was found in primary spermatocytes; some cells underwent meiosis despite a histone deficiency. During spermiogenesis, a loss of lysine-rich histones and an accumulation of spermio-specific arginine-rich basic nuclear proteins was observed. This compensated for the histone deficiency and the histone/DNA ratio returned to 1. The decrease in histone/DNA ratio in spermatocytes may partially account for formation of atypical spermiogenic cells.