Bayleton seed treatment combined with foliar spray improves fusiform rust cronartium quercuum f sp fusiforme control in nurseries

Rowan, S.J.

Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 8(1): 51-54


DOI: 10.1093/sjaf/8.1.51
Accession: 004813697

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Bayleton foliar sprays eradicated all fusiform rust infections when applied up to 7 days after artificial inoculation and eradicated a significant number of infections when applied 28 days after inoculation. A combination of seed treatment and foliar spray provided complete control when the spray was applied up to 14 days after inoculation and further reduced disease incidence when the foliar spray was applied 28 days after inoculation. Foliar sprays applied before inoculation prevented infections up to 4 wk after application, but sprays applied to nongerminated seed did not prevent infections in seedlings originating from these seed. Seed treatment would, therefore, significantly improve fusiform rust control in forest nurseries. Without seed treatment, applications of both ferbam and Bayleton during the period of seed germination may be necessary to adequately control the disease in high rust-hazard nurseries. When seed are treated with Bayleton, the first foliar spray must be applied 14 days after germination begins or no later than 7 days after the 1st infection period following the first 14 days of seed germination. Thereafter, sprays should be applied at intervals not to exceed 35 days.