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Beef production from progeny of hereford cows mated to hereford charolais and brahman sires

Deland, M.P.B.

Agricultural Record (South Australia) 6(11): 11-13


Accession: 004814188

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Hereford, Charolais and Brahman semen was used for inseminating Hereford cows on a property near Naracoorte, South Australia. After weaning at 8 mo. of age, steer progeny grazed pasture in a Mediterranean-type climate until they were 32 mo. at which age they were reweighed and slaughtered for carcass measurements. At 8 and 32 mo., the mean live weight of the Charolais-cross steers was greater than those of Brahman-cross and Hereford steers. Carcasses from Charolais-cross steers were heavier and had more muscle and less fat than Brahman-cross and Hereford carcasses. The weight and carcass characteristics of the Brahman-cross steers were not significantly different from those of the Hereford steers.

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