Behaviour of aprotinin and carbon 14 methylated aprotinin in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Spinetti M.

Annali di Chimica 77(5-6): 525-532


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4592
Accession: 004817838

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Using the RP-HPLC technique, aprotinin, a basic proteinase inhibitor, and 14C-methylated aprotinin have been studied. The elution profiles obtained in the interval of pH between 2 and 7 are reported. The quantitative determination of aprotinin is possible at pH 3.8 for concentrations higher than 5 KIU/mL with detection UV at 220nm, and the calibration curve, within our experimental limits, is linear between 5 and 80 KIU/mL. The different behaviour of the two forms, natural and labelled, is reported according to the pH value of the mobile-phase.