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Bio economic model beef production 2. economic evaluation of introducing improved pasture into an extensive beef system in central brazil

Cezar, I.M.

Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 17(7): 1093-1104


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-204X
Accession: 004828883

Through a simulation model the introduction of improved pasture into a breeding system was evaluated. Although pasture establishment by rice cropping showed a high variation in economic performance, this alternative still was more attractive than direct establishment. Risk due to variation in beef prices did not seem to be an important factor for the system improvement in the long term. Starting the pasture establishment at the top of the beef price cycle was a better strategy than the beginning, middle and bottom of the cycle. The buying of breeding cows to accelerate the herd growth provided better results than natural growth and without the buying of steers. The total replacement of cerrado by cultivated pasture was only attractive when using subsidized credit.

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