Biochemical changes in developing hexa ploid tetra ploid and di ploid wheat seeds

Dell'aquila A.; Taranto, G.; Colaprico, G.

Genetica Agraria 26(3-4): 353-364


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6685
Accession: 004831945

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Changes of some biochemical compounds in hexa-, tetra- and diploid wheat seeds during maturation were carried out. Fresh and dry weight, water, nucleic acid, starch and total protein and soluble N content were determined in Triticum aestivum, T. turgidum and T. monococcum developing grains after different times from anthesis. A fractionation in solubility classes of proteins was performed to better relate ratios between gliadins and glutenins with maturation time. The results were discussed in relation to polyploidy influence on grain development and on synthesis and accumulation of storage proteins.