Biochemical investigation on the metabolism of histamine in mackerel scomber japonicus part 3 comparison of activities of histamine producing and histamine decomposing enzymes of mackerel and other fishes

Fukui, K.; Otake, S.

Bulletin of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Nihon University 36: 151-155


Accession: 004833381

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The water soluble proteins extracted from the liver or the hepatopancreas of mackerel, horse-mackerel, mejina, flatfish and carp was fractionated with a DEAE cellulose column. The histamine-decomposing and -producing enzyme activites of these fractions were determined. The histamine-decomposing enzyme activity was found in 3 fractions in mackerel; in the other marine fish 2 fractions exhibited the activity. In the carp, only one was present and its activity was extremely low. The histamine-producing enzyme activity was found in 2 fractions in mackerel; in the other fish except flatfish there was only 1 fraction in every sample; no activity was found in flatfish. In mackerel there is apparently a pathway in which imidazole acetate is produced from histamine by catalysis with histaminase.