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Biochemical studies on ginseng panax ginseng saponin xxii. the effect of ginseng saponin on blood serum lipoproteins

Kang, B.H.; Joo, C.N.

Korean Biochemical Journal 18(3): 272-278


ISSN/ISBN: 0368-4881
Accession: 004834187

The effects of saponin fraction of Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer on blood serum lipoproteins were investigated in vitro as well as in vivo. When the ginseng saponins were added to blood serum of human and/or rat, a significant increase of the prealbumin lipids could be observed by electrophoresis at their high concentrations. The electrophoretogram of blood serum of rat fed with ginseng saponin (1 mg) containing radioactive saponin preparation (1.58 .mu.Ci) showed a very high radioactivity in the prealbumin fraction. A considerable amount of radioactivity was also found in albumin fraction and a little but definite amounts of the radioactivity were detected in the other fractions. This suggests that the saponin might interact with proteins as well as stabilized lipid micellar structures.

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