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Biochemical studies on ginseng saponins 15. the effect of ginseng saponins on the absorption of fats and cholesterol in rats

Joo, C.N.; Cho, Y.D.; Koo, J.H.; Kim, C.W.; Lee, S.J.

Korean Biochemical Journal 13(1): 1-18


ISSN/ISBN: 0368-4881
Accession: 004834194

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When rats were fed fats [glycerol-tri(1-14C)-palmitate] and cholesterol with or without (control) ginseng saponin (0.05 mg/rat), blood and serum lipids of both groups increased. When bile and pancreatic juice secretion was impaired, the saponin stimulated intestinal lipid absorption. The radioactivity time course for lipid and cholesterol absorption and metabolism was (3 h) in the saponin treated rats and (5 h) in the control rats. Ginseng saponin enhances lipid and cholesterol absorption and metabolism.

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