Biological characteristics of the stellate sturgeon Acipenser stellatus Pallas from spawning grounds in the lower Volga

Veshchev, P.V.; Novikova, A.S.

Voprosy Ichtiologii 26(5): 771-778


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-8752
Accession: 004836981

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Biological characteristics of stellate sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus ) caught during migration and in the spawning grounds under conditions of regulated flow are presented. Data are provided on age composition, weight, length, absolute fecundity, condition factors, maturity and sex ratio. The bulk of stellate sturgeon catches was constituted by individuals which appeared under changed ecological conditions. About 15% of females which had emerged before the flow regulation participated in spawning. It is shown that within the period of 1977-1983 no considerable changes were recorded in stellate sturgeon biological characteristics.