Section 5
Chapter 4,838

Biological control of decay in creosote treated distribution poles i. establishment of immunizing commensal fungi in poles

Bruce, A.; King, B.

Material und Organismen 21(1): 1-14


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-5270
Accession: 004837134

The inoculation and monitoring of growth of a biological control fungus from a limited artificial inoculation in creosoted wooden distribution poles is reported. One-hundred and sixty-six standing creosoted poles in three geographic regions in Great Britain were each inoculated with two pellets of a commercial product and development of inoculated fungi was monitored. The results show that a control fungus was established in up to 94% of poles and that this organism could be isolated for periods up to four years. Pole age, creosote status and previous remedial treatment did not unduly influence the development of organisms in poles nd it was shown that moisture in poles was also not a limiting factor. Nutrient transfer from soil to wood over periods in excess of 20 years did not take place in the high hazard groundline regions.

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