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Biological control of decay in creosote treated distribution poles ii. control of decay in poles by immunizing commensal fungi

Bruce, A.; King, B.

Material und Organismen 21(3): 165-180


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-5270
Accession: 004837135

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Biological control was examined as a method of protecting the interiors of distribution poles from decay by Lentinus lepideus. Standing creosote treated poles were inoculated with either L. lepideus, immunising commensal fungi or combinations of both and extensively sectioned after suitable incubation periods. Results of isolation studies show that the incidence of the decay fungus in such poles can be reduced by either prophylactic or remedial application of Trichoderma spp. The influence of previously established pole resident organisms on the colonisation of pole interiors by Trichoderma and L. lepideus and on the level of control subsequently achieved is discussed.

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