Biological properties of 2 1 benzisothiazoles 12. phytotoxic activity of acyl derivatives of 6 chloro 3 amino 2 1 benzisothiazoles

Coghi, E.; Massimo, G.; Zani, F.; Bellotti, A.

Acta Naturalia de l'Ateneo Parmense 20(3-4): 225-230


Accession: 004838328

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In studies on the phytotoxic properties of 3-acylamino-2,1-benzisothiazoles and 1-acyl-3-acylimino-2,1-benzisothiazolines, a new series of 6-chlorosubstituted derivatives was synthesized and tested. Some of the substances particularly showed activity against Linum usitatissimum L. Relations between structure and biological properties of this class of substances were confirmed.