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Biology of the predator mosquito toxorhynchites splendens diptera culicidae

Bai, M.G.; Panicker, K.N.; Rajogopalan, P.K.

Indian Journal of Medical Research 74(1): 13-17


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5340
Accession: 004840199

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T. splendens, a predator mosquito preying on other mosquito larvae, was successfully colonized in the laboratory and cyclic colony maintained. Egg hatchability, immature duration, insemination capacity at different sex-ratios, longevity of adults, gonotrophic cycle, oviposition preference, fecundity and sex-ratio of progeny were studied. A single T. splendens larva consumed 144 prey larvae, on average. They also killed more than double the number of larvae they consumed. No significant difference in the preference of any particular species of prey mosquito larvae was found. The biological control potential of this predator mosquito needs further investigation.

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