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Body length composition of the habu trimeresurus flavoviridis on amami oshima island japan

Minakami, K.; Ono, T.

Japanese Journal of Herpetology 6(3): 61-63


Accession: 004851543

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In 1975, total body lengths, caudal lengths and sexes of the habu, T. flavoviridis, gathered at Naze Health Center from all over Amami Oshima Island [Japan] were recorded. Habu hatch from Aug.-Sept. The Peterson curve of total body length from 1- to n-year-old groups is given. The frequency of individuals in each body length rank, as compared with Mishima (1961), indicates that the percentage of lower age groups is increasing and that the total number of habus on Amami Oshima Island is decreasing.

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