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Bonnet monkey cervical mucus glyco proteins minor glyco protein components of peri ovulatory phase mucus

U.D.n N.; Jeanloz, R.W.; Roussel, P.; Mcarthur, J.W.

Biology of Reproduction 28(5): 1189-1200


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3363
Accession: 004853763

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Two glycoproteins present in small quantities, in addition to a main glycoprotein, were isolated from the periovulatory phase mucus. The glycoproteins, obtained in minute amounts, showed distinct variations in the relative proportions of sugar residues. The results of analytical and chemical studies suggest the existence of 2 distinct molecular species differing in structure. The main component of the minor glycoproteins, Fraction A, characterized by Smith degradation, and by subsequent methylation and inhibition of hemagglutination, bears similarities to the periovulatory phase main glycoprotein. The other component, Fraction B, characterized by Smith degradation followed by inhibition of hemagglutination, shows structural resemblance to the premenstrual phase glycoprotein.

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