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Botrychium virginianum new record a species new for the flora of the caucasus ussr

Askerov, A.M.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (Stsburg). 62(9): 1332


Accession: 004854431

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Two specimens of B. virginianum, collected in 1954 in Azerbaidzhan SSR [USSR] and only recently examined, are the 1st such specimens found in the Caucasus region. Distribution of the species, particularly in the USSR and morphological differences between other species of Botrychium are noted. In contrast to the other species, B. virginianum has a leaf blade which is widely triangular, 3-fold pinnatipartite and whose sterile segments are herbaceous. The lower leaf blades are triangular-oval, but the upper ones are elongated. The segments of the last are pointed. The fertile segment of the blade is pinnatipartite and paniculate. The panicle, on a long stem, is 2- and 3-fold pinnate.

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