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Breeding of sesame sesamum indicum for oil quality improvement 3. variation of fatty acid composition in gamma ray irradiated m 2 population

Lee, J.I.; Kang, C.W.; Lee, S.T.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development 26(CROP): 134-143


Accession: 004859429

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This study was conducted to improve sesame oil quality by .gamma.-ray irradiation. The seeds of 2 sesame cultivars, Pungnyeonggae and Buan, were treated with 2 levels of .gamma.-ray intensities of 10 and 25 kR. The fatty acid composition of the M2 population was analyzed by GC-6A gas chromatography. The range of unsaturated oleic fatty acid was 36.7-47.4% with the mean of 41.3% while that of essential linoleic fatty acid was 37.5-52.0% with the mean of 45.5%. The range of saturated palmitic fatty acid and stearic fatty acid was 3.2-11.0% with the mean of 8.2%, and 3.2-10.3% [respectively] with the mean of 5.0%. By .gamma.-ray treatment, the content of saturated palmitic and stearic fatty acid showed increasing trends in 'Pungnyeonggae' population while decreasing trends in 'Buan' population, respectively, but no significant statistical differences between .gamma.-ray intensities or cultivars were recognized. Compared to check (unirradiated) .gamma.-ray irradiation decreased the contents of oleic fatty acid by 2.74% and linoleic acid by 2.38%. Two promising lines which have 52.0% of linoleic acid and 92.0% of unsaturated fatty acid were selected from 'Pungnyeonggae' population. These lines could be used as gene sources for breeding of high linoleic acid and high unsaturated fatty acid sesame cultivars. .gamma.-ray intensities showed no significant effects on the composition of fatty acids except oleic acid. But significant cultivar differences to the .gamma.-ray intensities were recognized, especially for oleic acid linoleic acids. .gamma.-Ray sensitivity of sesame was much higher in unsaturated fatty acids than in saturated fatty acids with a great deal of cultivar differences.

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