Bryoflora of the left bank forest steppe of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Hapon, S.V.; Buidin, B.V.

Ukrayins'kyi Botanichnyi Zhurnal 42(1): 38-40


Accession: 004862025

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In the forest-steppe part of the Poltava Region (the left-bank forest-steepe of the ukraine) 43 bryophyta species are found for the 1st time: 3 spp. are Hepaticae and 40 spp. Bryaceae. All species of the Hepaticae and 6 spp. of the Bryaceae class are presented 1st for the left-bank forest-steppe of the Ukraine. Floristic and ecological-cenotic characteristics of bryophyta found in the above mentioned territory is given in brief.