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Bursa copulatrix in central european species of the genus dicronychus coleoptera elateridae with key to the species

Laibner, S.

Acta Entomologica Bohemoslovaca 80(1): 49-54


Accession: 004863516

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The anatomy and morphology of the ectodermal part of the inner female genitalia of the Central European species of the genus Dicronychus Brulle, 1832 is described. Based on differences found between the species in morphology of the lateral and medial sclerites, a key was constructed which includes characters of the external morphology and differences in aedeagal form. The bursa copulatrix with appendices in D. rubripes and with sclerites in D. cinereus, D. rubripes, D. equiseti and D. equisetioides is illustrated.

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