Calcareous nanno fossils from the cretaceous tertiary boundary interval in the barranco del gredero caravaca province murcia southeastern spain part 2

Romein, A.J.T.

Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen Series B Physical Sciences 80(4): 269-279


Accession: 004865657

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Systematic paleontology of Biantholithus sparsus, Braarudosphaera aff. discula, Micrantholithus fornicatus, Biscutum sp., Cruciplacolithus aff. tenuis, C. tenuis, Markalius astroporus, Crepidolithus fossus sp. nov., C. neocrassus, Cyclagelosphaera reinhardtii comb. nov. (Markalius reinhardtii Perch-Nielsen), Toweius petalosus, Prediscosphaera bukryi, Cylindralithus cf. crassus, C. serratus, C. stradneri comb. nov. (Lithastrinus? stradneri Perch-Nielsen) and Tetralithus multiplus is presented here.