Section 5
Chapter 4,872

Cambrian articulate brachiopods

Andreeva, O.N.

Paleontologiceskij Zurnal (4): 31-40


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-031X
Accession: 004871467

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The following 8 new species of Cambrian articulate branchiopods from 2 orders were proposed and described: Orthida: Turarella alleri sp. nov., Ocnerorthis lopatini sp. nov., Eoorthis norilensis sp. nov., Engenella sibirica, E. amakensis sp. nov., Ambardella anabarensis sp. nov.; Pentamerida: Cambrotrophia turukensis sp. nov., and Tcharella amgensis sp. nov. Data were presented on their size and morphology. The following new genera were proposed and described: AMBARDELLA gen. nov. (Eoorthidae), NARYNELLA gen. nov. [type species: Nisusia ferganensis Andreeva, 1962] (Nisusiidae), TURARELLA gen. nov. (Bohemiellidae), ENGENELLA gen. nov. (Eoorthidae), and TCHARELLA gen. nov. (Syntrophopsinae). All new species are from the Cambrian of Siberia, Russian SRSR, USSR. Comparative data were presented on their diagnosis.

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