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Cell wall composition of the generic phase of bangia atropurpurea rhodophyta

Gretz, M.R.; Sommerfeld, M.R.; Aronson, J.M.

Botanica Marina 25(11): 529-536


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-8055
DOI: 10.1515/botm.1982.25.11.529
Accession: 004894694

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Mechanically isolated cell walls were prepared from the generic phase of B. atropurpurea and chemically characterized. EM examination of cell wall preparations revealed them to be morphologically similar to walls of whole thalli and free from protoplasmic contamination. The chemical compositon of > 92% of the total wall weight was determined and polysaccharides were the major wall components (72% of wall weight). Mannan (at least part of which is .beta.-1,4-linked) and a water soluble galactan fraction consisting of both D- and L-galactose residues in a ratio of 1:1.1 represents a large proportion of the carbohydrate content of isolated cell walls. 3,6-Anhydrogalactose is probably associated with the water-soluble galactoses. The presence of cellulose could not be demonstrated. Protein was a significant wall component (10.6% of total wall wt) and consisted of at least 16 amino acids, including hydroxyproline (0.3% of wall wt). Walls also contained 8.4% lipid and 1.4% ash.

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