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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4909

Chapter 4909 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ahmed, H.H.; Mohamed, M.F.; Saleh, S.Y.; Nasr, H.; Soliman, F.A., 1982:
Changes in fsh and luteinizing hormone in buffaloes during the estrous cycle and post partum period

Mcneilly, A.S., 1984:
Changes in fsh and the pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone during the delay in estrus induced by treatment of ewes with bovine follicular fluid

Wallace, J.M.; Mcneilly, A.S., 1986:
Changes in fsh and the pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone during treatment of ewe with bovine follicular fluid throughout the luteal phase of the estrous cycle

Kallapur, V.L.; Yadwad, V.B., 1986:
Changes in fuel reserves of the premolt field crab paratelphusa hydrodromus following endosulfan treatment

Chemeris, Y.K.; Shenderova, L.V.; Venediktov, P.S., 1983:
Changes in functional activities of the photosynthetic apparatus in chlorella vulgaris during nitrogen starvation and subsequent re feeding

Zaitseva, L.G.; Favorskaya, Y.N., 1980:
Changes in functional activity of mononuclear phagocytic system cells in mice of different ages

Reshetnyak, V.K.; Meizerov, E.E.; Durinyan, R.A., 1982:
Changes in functional activity of the large hemispheric cortex and central gray matter in response to electro acupuncture

Nakagawa, H.; Suzuki, K.; Yamaki, K.; Tsurufuji, S., 1984:
Changes in functional ceruloplasmin concentrations of plasma and exudate and the effect of exogenous ceruloplasmin on the carrageenan induced inflammation in rats

Bakanov, M.I.; Yurkov, Y.A.; Sokolova, T.S.; Vanyukov, N.V., 1980:
Changes in functional conditions of the hypophyseal adrenal system in bronchial asthma in children given specific treatment

Galashina, A.G.; Bogdanov, A.V., 1984:
Changes in functional connections between adjacent and distant neurons of the motor cortex of cats during electrodefensive conditioning

Sikorski, Z.E.; Naczk, M., 1982:
Changes in functional properties of fish protein preparations induced by hydrolysis

Silakov, V.L.; Senatorov, V.V., 1986:
Changes in functional properties of the clare bishop area cells after unilateral partial neocortex isolation in cat

Gribakin, F.G.; Chesnokova, E.G., 1982:
Changes in functional properties of the honey bee compound eye induced by mutations blocking tryptophan metabolism

Baikov, A.A.; Krasnova, V.I.; Avaeva, S.M., 1982:
Changes in functional properties of yeast inorganic pyro phosphatase upon sulfhydryl group modification

Jonmarker, C.; Nordström, L.; Werner, O., 1986:
Changes in functional residual capacity during cardiac surgery

Arbuckle, J.L.; Lattal, K.A., 1988:
Changes in functional response units with briefly delayed reinforcement

Gordienko, V.M.; Slavnov, V.N.; Valueva, G.V.; Bogdanova, T.I., 1978:
Changes in functional state and ultrastructure of cells of the rat adrenal cortex glomerular zone under conditions of prolonged immobilization stress

Clement, J.J.; Song, C.W.; Levitt, S.H., 1976:
Changes in functional vascularity and cell number following x irradiation of a murine carcinoma

Ban, T.A.; Conti, L.; Morey, L.; Lazzerini, F.; Cornelli, U.; Postiglione, A.; Grossi, D., 1987:
Changes in functioning with glycosaminoglycan polysulfate in primary degenerative and multi infarct dementia

Hunter, F.T.; Youniss, J., 1982:
Changes in functions of 3 relations during adolescence

Sandhu, D.K.; Arora, D.S., 1981:
Changes in fungal populations during storage of dalbergia bark

Kandel, A.; Langrod, J.; Ruiz, P., 1981:
Changes in future time perception of day hospital psychiatric patients in response to small group treatment approaches

Duncan, W.H., 1979:
Changes in galactia fabaceae of the southeastern usa

Agrawal, A.K.; Singh, G.; Misra, D.P., 1984:
Changes in galactolipid content of maize zea mays cultivar taren chloroplasts as influenced by growth and some herbicides

Ullrich, S.J.; Kent, C.; Carlson, D.M., 1981:
Changes in galactosyl transferase ec activity in chick pectoral muscle during embryonic development

Matha, V., 1987:
Changes in galleria mellonella larvae hemolymph hydrolases induced by immunization with nonpathogenic bacteria

Mulcahy, R.F.; Das, J.P., 1977:
Changes in galvanic skin response and heart rate during listening to tones words and nonsense syllables

Ahluwalia, P.; Grewaal, D.S.; Singhal, R.L., 1983:
Changes in gamma amino butyric acid and glutamic acid decarboxylase ec in discrete regions of rat brain following lithium administration and withdrawal

Krishnan, H.; Baquer, N.Z.; Singh, R., 1981:
Changes in gamma amino butyric acid shunt enzymes in regions of rat brain with ketamine anesthesia

Jain, V.K.; Gupta, P., 1981:
Changes in gamma methylene glutamic acid gamma methylene glutamine and other amino acids and amides during fruit growth of tribulus terrestris

Dubois, C.; Hauttecoeur, B.; Coulon Morelec M J.; Montarras, D.; Rampini, C.; Fiszman, M.Y., 1984:
Changes in ganglioside metabolism during in vitro differentiation of quail embryo myoblasts

Feller, U.; Erismann, K.H., 1978:
Changes in gas exchange and in the activities of proteolytic enzymes during senescence of wheat leaves triticum aestivum

Zorya, L.V., 1976:
Changes in gas exchange tissue respiration and glycolysis in rats during hypo kinesia

Wyrwicka, W., 1979:
Changes in gastric acid secretion in aphagic or hyperphagic cats after hypothalamic lesions

Manevska, B., 1975:
Changes in gastric and small intestine mucosa in chronic lead poisoning experimental data

Matsunaga, T.; Uetsuka, H.; Tamaki, H.; Furukawa, Y.; Miyoshi, T., 1978:
Changes in gastric electro myography resulting from differences in direction of linear acceleration in rabbits

Seelig, L.L.; Winborn, W.B.; Weser, E., 1978:
Changes in gastric glandular cell kinetics after small bowel resection in the rat

Sugai, S., 1985:
Changes in gastric mucosal blood flow before and after formation of experimental gastric ulcer produced by locally applying acetic acid to the stomach of the dog

Hansen, O.H.; Larsen, J.K.; Svendsen, L.B., 1978:
Changes in gastric mucosal cell proliferation after antrectomy or vagotomy in man

Soreide, O.; Svanes, K.; Varhaug, J.E.; Skarstein, A., 1980:
Changes in gastric mucosal morphology capillary permeability and blood flow during the 1st 3 days of acute gastritis in cats

Abasov, I.T.; Iof, I.M., 1978:
Changes in gastric secretion following administration of preparations affecting the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system

Fedchenko, S.N., 1979:
Changes in gastric secretory granulocytes during hormonal dis balance of the adrenal cortex and thyroid gland

Lichtenberger, L.M.; Trier, J.S., 1979:
Changes in gastrin levels, food intake, and duodenal mucosal growth during lactation

Fioramonti, J.; Droy Lefaix, M.T.; Bueno, L., 1987:
Changes in gastro-intestinal motility induced by cholera toxin and experimental osmotic diarrhoea in dogs: effects of treatment with an argillaceous compound

Anderson, N.; Reynolds, G.W.; Titchen, D.A., 1988:
Changes in gastrointestinal mucosal mass and mucosal and serum gastrin in sheep experimentally infected with Ostertagia circumcincta

Knorre, A.G., 1978:
Changes in gastrulation processes in phylogenesis of the animal kingdom

Suyama, M.; Hirano, T.; Suzuki, T., 1988:
Changes in gelatin in hot water extracts of snapping turtle during heating

Slusarenko, A.J.; Longland, A., 1986:
Changes in gene activity during expression of the hypersensitive response in phaseolus vulgaris cultivar red mexican to an avirulent race 1 isolate of pseudomonas syringae pathovar phaseolicola

Leavitt, J.; Moyzis, R., 1978:
Changes in gene expression accompanying neoplastic transformation of Syrian hamster cells

Ramsay, R.G.; Ikeda, K.; Rifkind, R.A.; Marks, P.A., 1986:
Changes in gene expression associated with induced differentiation of erythroleukemia protooncogenes globin genes and cell division

Mascheck, P.; Scheller, K.; Karlson, P., 1977:
Changes in gene expression during larval development of calliphora vicina induced by ecdysterone

Affara, N.A.; Robert, B.; Jacquet, M.; Buckingham, M.E.; Gros, F., 1980:
Changes in gene expression during myogenic differentiation 1. regulation of messenger rna sequences expressed during myo tube formation

Affara, N.A.; Daubas, P.; Weydert, A.; Gros, F., 1980:
Changes in gene expression during myogenic differentiation 2. identification of the proteins encoded by myo tube specific complementary dna sequences

Bernier, F.; Seligy, V.L.; Pallotta, D.; Lemieux, G., 1986:
Changes in gene expression during spherulation in physarum polycephalum

Biggs, M.S.; Harriman, R.W.; Handa, A.K., 1986:
Changes in gene expression during tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar rutgers fruit ripening

Hillion, J.; Leibovitch, S.A.; Leibovitch, M.P.; Raymondjean, M.; Kruh, J.; Harel, J., 1984:
Changes in gene expression following neoplastic transformation of rat myogenic cells

Albuzio, A.; Spettoli, P.; Cacco, G., 1978:
Changes in gene expression from di ploid to auto tetra ploid status of lycopersicon esculentum

Hall, L.; Henney, A.; Ralphs, D.N.; Herries, D.G.; Craig, R.K., 1986:
Changes in gene expression in established human mammary tumor cell lines when compared with normal breast and breast tumor tissue

Shackelford, D.A.; Smith, A.V.; Trowbridge, I.S., 1987:
Changes in gene expression induced by a phorbol diester: expression of IL 2 receptor, T3, and T cell antigen receptor

Lejohn, H.B., 1983:
Changes in gene expression patterns for specific proteins when vegetatively growing cells of the fungus achlya are induced to differentiate by starvation

Choo, T.M.; Kannenberg, L.W., 1979:
Changes in gene frequency during mass modified ear to row and s 1 selection in corn zea mays a simulation study

Calza, R.E.; Eckhardt, L.A.; Delgiudice, T.; Schildkraut, C.L., 1984:
Changes in gene position are accompanied by a change in time of replication

Yanofsky, R.; Markowitz, H., 1978:
Changes in general behavior of 2 mandrills papio sphinx concomitant with behavioral testing in the zoo

Shkrobot, S.I., 1980:
Changes in general hemodynamics in patients with chronic cerebral circulation insufficiency

Sharma, J.R.; Murty, B.R., 1979:
Changes in genetic background under selection influencing the expression of self incompatibility in brassica campestris cultivar brown sarson

Ogden, J.E.; Grindle, M., 1983:
Changes in genetic constitution and sterol composition during growth of nystatin resistant heterokaryons of neurospora crassa

Glazko, V.I., 1987:
Changes in genetic distances in the process of breed formation

Waenick, J.E.; Albuquerque, E.X., 1979:
Changes in genotypic expression development and the effects of chronic penicillamine treatment on the electrical properties of the posterior latissimus dorsi muscle in 2 lines of normal and dystrophic chickens

Giratsuyan, S.G.; Vardevanyan, A.O.; Vardapetyan, R.R., 1984:
Changes in germinating wheat sprouts treated with gibberellin and fast green

Powell, A.D.; Dulson, J.; Bewley, J.D., 1984:
Changes in germination and respiratory potential of embryos of dormant cultivar grand rapids lettuce lactuca sativa seeds during long term imbibed storage and related changes in the endosperm

Daletskaya, T.V., 1980:
Changes in gibberellin activity of acer tataricum seeds in dormancy breaking

Gianfagna, T.J.; Rachmiel, S., 1986:
Changes in gibberellin like substances of peach prunus persica cultivar halford seed during stratification

Saunders, R.L.; Henderson, E.B., 1978:
Changes in gill atpase activity and smolt status of atlantic salmon salmo salar

Tilney, R.L.; Hocutt, C.H., 1987:
Changes in gill epithelia of oreochromis mossambicus subjected to cold shock

Hocutt, C.H.; Tilney, R.L., 1985:
Changes in gill morphology of oreochromis mossambicus subjected to heat stress

Nakano, H.; Ando, Y.; Shirahata, S., 1985:
Changes in gill sodium potassium atpase activities of juvenile chum salmon oncorhynchus keta with reference to the growth and time of migration to the sea

Fjeld, E.; Hessen, D.O.; Roos, N.; Taugbol, T., 1988:
Changes in gill ultrastructure and hemolymph chloride concentrations in the crayfish astacus astacus exposed to de acidified aluminum rich water

Martin, R.; Barlow, J.J., 1977:
Changes in glial cells of the octopus brain after 6 hydroxy dopamine administration

Imrychová, A.; Malínský, J., 1983:
Changes in glial elements in the spinal cord of the hibernating bat

Ramirez, F.; Gambino, R.; Maniatis, G.M.; Rifkind, R.A.; Marks, P.A.; Bank, A., 1975:
Changes in globin messenger RNA content during erythroid cell differentiation

L.A.L.; Rafikov, R.A.; Yunusova, Z.S.; Bolotina, I.A.; Yunusov, T.S.; Moiseeva, G.P., 1984:
Changes in globulins during the development of cottonseeds

D.A.riba G.; Barrio, V.; Hernando, L.; Lopez Novoa, J.M.; Rodriguez Puyol, D., 1987 :
Changes in glomerular cross sectional area induced by platelet activating factors

Howell, S.B.; Carmody, J., 1977:
Changes in glomerular filtration rate associated with high dose methotrexate therapy in adults

Tucker, B.J.; Mundy, C.A.; Maciejewski, A.R.; Printz, M.P.; Ziegler, M.G.; Pelayo, J.C.; Blantz, R.C., 1986:
Changes in glomerular hemodynamic response to angiotensin II after subacute renal denervation in rats

Groggel, G.C.; Hovingh, P.; Border, W.A.; Linker, A., 1987:
Changes in glomerular heparan sulfate in puromycin aminonucleoside nephrosis

Werther, G.A.; Banach, W.; Joffe, S.; Artal, R.; Sperling, M.A., 1987:
Changes in glucagon do not play an essential role in the glucoregulatory response to mild hyperinsulinemia in dogs

Amino S I.; Yoshihisa, T.; Komamine, A., 1985:
Changes in glucan synthase activities during the cell cycle in a synchronous culture of catharanthus roseus

Philippi, M.L.; Parish, R.W., 1981:
Changes in glucan synthetase activity and plasma membrane proteins during encystment of the cellular slime mold Polysphondylium pallidum

Mikhailov, A.M., 1981:
Changes in gluco corticoid metabolism in bronchial asthma patients during baro therapy

X.R.; Jinxin, T., 1982:
Changes in gluco corticoid receptor of liver cytosol after pathological stress in rats

Sharma, R.; Timiras, P.S., 1986:
Changes in glucocorticoid receptors in different regions of brain of immature and mature male rats

Petkova, M.; Novelli G P.; Nikolov, N., 1987:
Changes in glucocorticoid secretion during endotoxin shock and antioxidant treatment

Schmit, J.C.; Edson, C.M.; Brody, S., 1975:
Changes in glucosamine and galactosamine levels during conidial germination in Neurospora crassa

Suketa, Y.; Ohtani, K.; Yamamoto, T., 1979:
Changes in glucose 6 phosphatase activities in kidney and liver of rats after administration of a single dose of fluoride

Suketa, Y.; Sato, M., 1980:
Changes in glucose 6 phosphatase activity in liver and kidney of rats treated with a single large dose of fluoride

Zhivkova, J.; Kolushev, N., 1987:
Changes in glucose 6 phosphatase activity in swine placenta at definite pregnancy periods and in animals with different genotypes

Quain, D.E.; Haslam, J.M., 1979:
Changes in glucose 6 phosphate and storage carbohydrates during catabolite de repression in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Eggert, W.; Scigalla, P.; Gross, J., 1981:
Changes in glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase and phosphofructokinase activity during maturation and ageing of red blood cells in children with chronic renal insufficiency

Okazaki, T.; Yamashita, O., 1981:
Changes in glucose and fructose contents during embryonic development of the silkworm bombyx mori

Sekoguchi, T., 1981:
Changes in glucose metabolism and the Langerhans islet in the remnant pancreas after major pancreatectomy, with special reference to D cells in the islet in Sandmeyer's diabetes

Minamida, H.; Ebata, T., 1987:
Changes in glucose metabolism of endotoxin shock model rats induced by peritonitis

Ito, Y.; Murata, T., 1980:
Changes in glucose protein contents and enzyme activities of serum in carp cyprinus carpio administered orally with poly chlorinated bi phenyl

Tsutsumi, T.; Aoki, K.; Goto, Y.; Kita, N.; Arao, T., 1980:
Changes in glucose tolerance and metabolism of sugar and fat in relation to frequency of glucose administrations in men

Sitnikova, A.M.; Konradi, L.I., 1979:
Changes in glucose tolerance in women observed for many years

Chong, C.; Berard, L.S., 1983:
Changes in glucosinolates during refrigerated storage of cabbage brassica oleracea

Busnyuk, M.M., 1978:
Changes in glutamate dehydrogenase activity in neurons of the cortical motor area of the cerebral hemispheres in light deprivation

Tsenova, E.N., 1975:
Changes in glutamate dehydrogenase activity in pea and corn plants under the influence of ammonium and nitrate ions

Sengupta, U.K.; Manglik, D., 1987:
Changes in glutamate dehydrogenase and glutamate oxalacetate transaminase activity during seed germination in groundnut

Tikhomirova, E.V., 1980:
Changes in glutamine synthetase activity and in the content of protein ammonia and amide nitrogen in oat and millet in response to dry wind action

Stohs, S.J.; Lawson, T.; A.T.rk W.A., 1984 :
Changes in glutathione and glutathione metabolizing enzymes in erythrocytes and lymphocytes of mice as a function of age

Stohs, S.J.; E.R.shidy F.H.; Lawson, T.; Kobayashi, R.H.; Wulf, B.G.; Potter, J.F., 1984:
Changes in glutathione and glutathione metabolizing enzymes in human erythrocytes and lymphocytes as a function of age of donor

Al-Turk, W.A.; Stohs, S.J.; el-Rashidy, F.H.; Othman, S., 1987:
Changes in glutathione and its metabolizing enzymes in human erythrocytes and lymphocytes with age

Guy, C.L.; Carter, J.V.; Yelenosky, G.; Guy, C.T., 1984:
Changes in glutathione content during cold acclimation in cornus sericea and citrus sinensis

Mair, G.; Grosch, W., 1979:
Changes in glutathione content reduced and oxidized form and the effect of ascorbic acid and potassium bromate on glutathione oxidation during dough mixing

Sivtsev, M.V.; Rezunenko, M.S., 1984:
Changes in gluten content and properties in wheat grains during their ripening and wetting in storage

Orr, A.R., 1987:
Changes in glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase activity in shoot apical meristems of brassica campestris during transition to flowering

Beaudoin, A.R.; Lemonde, A., 1970:
Changes in glycerides and fatty acids during the growth and metamorphosis of tribolium confusum

Koiwai, A.; Suzuki, F.; Matsuzaki, T.; Kawashima, N., 1982:
Changes in glycero lipids and their fatty acid composition during maturation of tobacco nicotiana tabacum seeds

Mcguinness, O.P.; Spitzer, J.J., 1984:
Changes in glycerol kinetics after escherichia coli endo toxin administration in dogs

Rubin, R.W.; Kahn, R.; Prior, J.J., 1976:
Changes in glycerol solubility and amino acid incorporation of a protein possessing the characteristics of tubulin during 1st cleavage in the sea urchin embryo

Curstedt, T.; Casarett Bruce, M.; Camner, P., 1984:
Changes in glycerophosphatides and their ether analogs in lung lavage of rabbits exposed to nickel dust

Yoshida, H.; Kajimoto, G., 1977:
Changes in glyco lipid and phospho lipid compositions in cotyledons of germinating soybeans

Koiwai, A.; Kisaki, T., 1979:
Changes in glyco lipids and phospho lipids of tobacco leaves during flue curing

Burgoyne, R.D.; Rose, S.P.R., 1980:
Changes in glyco protein metabolism in the cerebral cortex following 1st exposure of dark reared rats to light

Mathew, S.; Menon, P.V.G.; Kurup, K.A., 1982:
Changes in glyco proteins in isoproterenol induced myo cardial infarction in rats

Bris, B.; Delbart, C.; Coustaut, D.; Linder, R., 1981:
Changes in glyco sphingo lipids during pollination in oeonothera missouriensis

Sakata, S.; Nakano, H.; Ando, Y.; Shirahata, O., 1985:
Changes in glycogen and lipid content during the early development of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

Olsen, J.; Allermann, K.; Floto, F., 1986:
Changes in glycogen content of germinating and self inhibited ellipsoidal arthroconidia of geotrichum candidum

Cech, S., 1981:
Changes in glycogen phosphorylase ec and glycogen synthase ec activity during cleavage of the rat rattus norvegicus ovum

Chekulaev, V.A.; Shelepov, V.P.; Pasha Zade, G.R.; Shapot, V.S., 1987:
Changes in glycogen reserves in the tissues of tumor bearing rats as a sign of hypoglycemic stress syndrome

Hewitt, H.G.; Ayres, P.G., 1977:
Changes in glycolate oxidase and glyoxylate reductase in quercus robur infected by microsphaera alphitoides

Makovcova, O.; Sindelar, L., 1977:
Changes in glycolysis and pentose phosphate cycle activity with tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco

Beis, A.; Xomali, R., 1987:
Changes in glycolytic and associated enzyme activities during rana ridibunda oocyte development

Kester, M.V.; Phillips, T.L.; Gracy, R.W., 1977:
Changes in glycolytic enzyme levels and isozyme expression in human lymphocytes during blast transformation

Nakamura, A.; Osada, H.; Sakaguchi, T.; Sakurai, I.; Yagura, S., 1986:
Changes in glycolytic intermediates in rat erythrocytes during exposure to simulated high altitude

Brunngraber, E.G.; Webster, J.C., 1986:
Changes in glycoprotein carbohydrate content in the aging human brain

Pegg, G.F.; Young, D.H., 1981:
Changes in glycosidase activity and their relationship to fungal colonization during infection of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar craigella by verticillium albo atrum

Thompson, J.E.; Gruber, M.T.; Kruuv, J., 1978:
Changes in glycosidase enzyme activity during growth of normal and transformed cells

Korobushkina, E.D.; Zav'yalova, L.L.; Korobushkin, I.M., 1977:
Changes in gold during bacterial dissolution

Nikol'skaya T.L., 1979:
Changes in gonad maturity stages in the deep water redfish sebastes mentella off southern labrador canada

Monroe, S.E.; Yamamoto, M.; Jaffe, R.B., 1983:
Changes in gonadotrope responsivity to gonadotropin releasing hormone during development of the rhesus monkey

Mckeown, B.A.; Sadleir, R.M.F.S., 1978:
Changes in gonadotropin and ovarian hormone levels during the estrous cycle of black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus columbianus

Singh, I.J.; Singh, T.P., 1984:
Changes in gonadotropin lipid and cholesterol levels during annual reproductive cycle in the freshwater teleost cirrhinus mrigala

Kula, K., 1986:
Changes in gonadotropin regulation in behavioral and phenotypic disturbances of sexual differentiation in men

Butcher, R.L., 1977:
Changes in gonadotropins and steroids associated with unilateral ovariectomy of the rat

Semenova-Tyan-Shanskaya, A.G.; Patkin, E.L., 1978:
Changes in gonocyte nuclei at different stages of differentiation in early human female embryos

Barnes, R.; Hadley, H.; Dick, A.; Johnston, O.; Dexter, J., 1977:
Changes in grade and stage of recurrent bladder tumors

Garrity, D.P.; Sullivan, C.Y.; Watts, D.G., 1984:
Changes in grain sorghum sorghum bicolor stomatal and photosynthetic response to moisture stress across growth stages

Mohammad, A.R., 1976:
Changes in granular endoplasmic reticulum induced in cultured human monocytes by colony stimulating factor

Perttilä, J.; Salo, M.; Peltola, O.; Irjala, K., 1988:
Changes in granulocyte chemiluminescence and plasma fibronectin concentrations following major blunt trauma

Morris, T.C.M.; Butler, M.; Muldrew, J.G.; Mcneill, T.A.; Bridges, J.M., 1977:
Changes in granulopoiesis detected by in vitro colony formation in acute lymphatic leukemia

Vakarenko, G.E.; Bulakh, A.A., 1977:
Changes in grape phloem peroxidase of compatible and incompatible grafting components during gamma irradiation

Wade, M.J., 1984:
Changes in group selected traits that occur when group selection is relaxed

Reid, P.E.; Thomson, N.J., 1984:
Changes in growth and development in cotton gossypium hirsutum associated with genes for frego bract and glabrous leaf

Hanker, I.; Kudelova, A., 1979:
Changes in growth and in uptake distribution and translocation of phosphorus 32 in susceptible and resistant alfalfa plants induced by corynebacterium insidiosum

Muth, K.M.; Wolfert, D.R., 1986:
Changes in growth and maturity of walleyes stizostedion vitreum vitreum associated with stock rehabilitation in western lake erie usa canada 1964 1983

Murray, F., 1985:
Changes in growth and quality characteristics of lucerne medicago sativa in response to sulfur dioxide exposure under field conditions

Davy, D.V.rville J.; Chauveau, M.; Person Dedryver, F., 1984:
Changes in growth and respiratory rates in the roots of wheat infected by heterodera avenae

Dudley, R.G., 1979:
Changes in growth and size distribution of sarotherodon macrochir and sarotherodon andersoni from the kafue floodplain zambia since construction of the kafe gorge dam

Priehradny, S., 1985:
Changes in growth and water content after mildew infection of a resistant barley cultivar

Kobbia, I.A.; Salama, A.M.; Shabana, E.F., 1987:
Changes in growth carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolic processes in anabaena flos aquae and phormidium fragile cyanophyta under the combined effect of amitrole and dalapon

Cardinali, D.P.; Boado, R.J.; Vacas, M.I.; Deza, S., 1986:
Changes in growth hormone and prolactin release after superior cervical ganglionectomy of rats

Chiodini, P.G.; Liuzzi, A.; Dallabonzana, D.; Oppizzi, G.; Verde, G.G., 1985:
Changes in growth hormone secretion induced human pancreatic growth hormone releasing hormone 44 in acromegaly a comparison with trh and bromocriptine

Lehnert, S., 1979:
Changes in growth kinetics of jejunal epithelium in mice maintained on an elemental diet

Sauvaire, Y.; Girardon, P.; Baccou, J.C.; Risterucci, A.M., 1984:
Changes in growth proteins and free amino acids of developing seed and pod of fenugreek trigonella foenum graecum

Troiano, J.J.; Leone, I.A., 1977:
Changes in growth rate and nitrogen content of tomato plants after exposure to nitrogen di oxide

Kaliaperumal, N.; Kalimuthu, S., 1976:
Changes in growth reproduction alginic acid and mannitol contents of turbinaria decurrens

Bacon, G.J.; Bachelard, E.P., 1979:
Changes in growth substance levels associated with the conditioning of pinus caribaea var hondurensis seedlings to water stress

Fujikawa, N., 1987:
Changes in guanidino compound levels in the cerebrospinal fluid of rabbits with pentylenetetrazole induced convulsions

Michalski, W.P.; Nicholas, D.J.D., 1985:
Changes in guanosine 5' diphosphate 3' diphosphate content of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides f sp denitrificans during adaptation for growth under denitrifying conditions

Leivseth, G.; Tindall, A.; Myklebust, R., 1987:
Changes in guinea pig muscle histology in response to reduced mobility

Wood, P.J.; Pao, G.; Cooper, A., 1984:
Changes in guinea pig plasma cyclic nucleotide levels during the development of a transplantable leukemia

Chu, R.M.; Glock, R.D.; Ross, R.F., 1982:
Changes in gut associated lymphoid tissues of the small intestine of 8 week old pigs infected with transmissible gastroenteritis virus

Trembach, A.B.; Fomichenko, S.V., 1987:
Changes in h reflexes and t reflexes after load retention in the plantar flexion of the foot

Jahoda, C.A.; Oliver, R.F., 1984 :
Changes in hair growth characteristics following the wounding of vibrissa follicles in the hooded rat

Wang, Z.X.; Ye, Y.Q.; Hu, M.Z.; Ren, C.G.; Yao, H.Y., 1987:
Changes in hair trace elements (zinc, copper and manganese) before and after severe fractures

Macdonald, L.D.; Gibson, R.S.; Miles, J.E., 1982:
Changes in hair zinc and copper concentrations of breast fed and bottle fed infants during the 1st 6 months

Vardosanidze, E.Sh; Pirtskhalashvili, D.S.; Darakhvelidze, M.A.; Kikvadze, T.G., 1987:
Changes in hamster antitumor resistance during experimental distraction of unfixed macrophages

Gasiewicz, T.A.; Rucci, G.; Henry, E.C.; Baggs, R.B., 1986:
Changes in hamster hepatic cytochrome p 450 ethoxycumarin o deethylase and reduced nadp menadione oxidoreductase following treatment with 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin partial dissociation of temporal and dose response relationships from elicited toxicity

Payne, A.P.; Mcgadey, J.; Moore, M.R.; Thompson, G.G., 1979:
Changes in harderian gland activity in the female golden hamster during the estrous cycle pregnancy and lactation

Aii, T.; Yonaga, M.; Tanaka, H., 1980:
Changes in head space volatiles of feed in the digestive tracts of cattle

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Changes in inbreeding and relationship within the swedish standardbred trotter

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Changes in inter cellular junctions 2. modulation in embryonic chick liver in vitro by cytosine arabinoside and dexamethasone

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Changes in inter spike interval during propagation quantitative description

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Changes in interacting species with disturbance

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Changes in interpersonal distances and categories of play behavior in the early weeks of preschool

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Changes in interstitial macro molecular transport effected by freeze thaw trauma

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Changes in interstitial pressure during acute interstitial volume depletion in normally hydrated rats

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Changes in interstitial pressure during and after blood volume expansion in rats

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Changes in interstitial water salinity of a mississippi usa tidal marsh

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Changes in intestinal fluid and mucosal immune responses to cholera toxin in Giardia muris infection and binding of cholera toxin to Giardia muris trophozoites

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Changes in intestinal galactose and leucine transport during development in the chick: effect of low external calcium

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Changes in intestinal glucose transport over the lifespan of the rat

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Changes in intestinal lymph flow during interoceptive stimulation and electrical stimulation of visceral nerves

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Changes in intestinal micro flora of irradiated mice

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Changes in intestinal permeability and epithelial differentiation during inflammation in the rat

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Changes in intra cardiac nerve plexuses in sudden death

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Changes in intra cardial hemodynamics in patients with secondary defects of the inter atrial septum before and after operations

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Changes in intra cellular calcium distribution during the transition of fibroblasts from the proliferating to the stationary state

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Changes in intra cellular cations following fertilization of sea urchin paracentrotus lividus eggs sodium ion hydrogen ion and sodium ion potassium ion

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Changes in intra cellular ph of physarum polycephalum plasmodium during the cell cycle and in response to starvation

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Changes in intra cellular pressure in squid doryteuthis bleekeri giant axons associated with production of action potentials

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Changes in intra cellular soluble protein composition in aspergillus fumigatus due to the effect of trace elements

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Changes in intra cellular taurine content of human leukemic cells

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Changes in intra cranial hemodynamics and electro encephalogram in intra cerebral hemorrhage

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Changes in intra cranial pressure during the rupture of an intra cranial aneurysm and the prognosis in regard to life

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Changes in intra cuff and lateral cuff pressures during nitrous oxide oxygen anesthesia and clinical evaluation of a new cuff pressure regulator

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Changes in intra gastric ph due to physical exercise in man

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Changes in intra ocular pressure and structural changes of the ciliary epithelium with the topical administration of vasopressin

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Changes in intra testicular uptake of cadmium caused by zinc

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Changes in intra vascular complement and anti treponemal antibody titers preceding the jarisch herxheimer reaction in secondary syphilis

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Changes in intracardiac blood flow in the acute period of myocardial infarction based on the data of two dimensional impulse doppler echocardiography

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Changes in intracardiac blood flow velocities and right and left ventricular stroke volumes with gestational age in the normal human fetus: a prospective Doppler echocardiographic study

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Changes in intracellular and extracellular potassium and intracellular sodium activities induced by repetitive stimulation and their relation to membrane potential in guinea pig papillary muscle

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