Changes in nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium and magnesium content in maize plants under the effect of nutrient medium concentration

Andonova, P.

Fiziologiya na Rasteniyata 6(3): 65-75


ISSN/ISBN: 0324-0290
Accession: 004909866

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Plants of maize cv. Knezha 36 were grown as gravel culture and were separated into 2 groups differing in trace element ratio of the nutrient medium. The N, S, P, K, Ca and Mg ratio of the 1st group's medium was constant during the course of the entire vegetation and was determined on the basis of the obtained grain yield, while the trace element ratio in the nutrient medium of the 2nd group was changed according to phase of plant development and was determined on the basis of accumulated biomass following experiments after the scheme of systemic variants. Five concentrations of the nutrient solution were tested: 38 meq/l, 76 meq/l, 114 meq/l, 152 meq/l and 190 meq/l. The percentage involvement of N in maize leaves, stems, roots and kernels, of K and P in vegetative parts was increased under the influence of rising nutrient medium concentrations. These mutual interrelations were well expressed in younger plants when the maximal percentage involvement was reached at lower nutrient solution dose. Ca changed slightly. N, K, P, Ca and Mg quantities in maize plants increased along with the rise in nutrient medium concentration. The dose of nutrient solution at which they were highest increased along with the progress of vegetation. Under the influence of higher nutrient medium concentrations and maize plant aging the share of N in them grew, while the share of K was reduced.