Changes in the number of zooplankton in the kuibyshev reservoir russian sfsr ussr as a function of hydrological conditions and the number of phytoplankton

Timokhina, A.F.

Ekologiya (Moscow) (1): 12-17


Accession: 004914970

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Data are presented concerning the year-to-year variations in the number of zooplankton and their individual components in relation to hydrological regime and development of phytoplankton in the Kuibyshev reservoir. With the use of correlational analysis, parameters of regression equations were established for prognostic purposes. A regularity was found between the growth of the number of Cyclopidae and rotifers (Cyclops kolensis, C. vicinus, Brachionus calyciflorus, Synchaeta sp., Asplanchna priodonta), and water temperature.