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Changes of peroxidases in the phloem of prunus avium cultivar charmes prunus cerasus grafting during the initial stages of the union formation

Schmid, P.P.S.; Feucht, W.

Angewandte Botanik 56(1-2): 93-98


Accession: 004917666

Graft symbionts were established by self-grafted P. avium 'Charmes' and by 'Charmes' upon rootstocks of P. avium L. and P. cerasus L. The pattern of peroxidases from the phloem was determined during a 5-wk time course after the grafting procedure. Compared with the self-grafted control the heterogenetic symbionts produced especially during the 3rd wk quantitatively more and qualitatively different peroxidases above as well as below the union. Other reactions than mere wound responses are probably involved in the promotion of these enzymes.

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