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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4919

Chapter 4919 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vankov A.; Gokin A.P.; Pilyavskii A.I.; Yakhnitsa I.A., 1984:
Changes of spino bulbo spinal reflexes during activation or inactivation of locus coeruleus in cat

Andreeva I.V.; Abdukhalykova G.F.; Skavronskaya A.G., 1980:
Changes of spontaneous and induced mutability in salmonella typhimurium due to the combined and separate effects of plasmids col i and pkm 101

Kim S.M.; Lee Y.K., 1985:
Changes of spontaneous leukocyte blastogenesis during cardiac allograft rejection in rats

Labaneiah M.E.O.; Luh B.S., 1981:
Changes of starch crude fiber and oligo saccharides in germinating dry beans

Zatsepina G.N.; Il'in E.A.; Lazarev A.O., 1985:
Changes of static electric field in restrained animals

Diab M.A.; Abdel Rahim A.A.; Hamama A.A., 1981:
Changes of sterols and related compounds in datura stramonium seeds by different plant growth regulators

Klika E.; Zaitsova A., 1984:
Changes of structural elements in the bat organs during the periods of activity and hibernation

Schmid, E.; Kornman, K.S.; Tinanoff, N., 1985:
Changes of subgingival total colony forming units and black pigmented bacteroides after a single irrigation of periodontal pockets with 1.64 percent tin ii fluoride

Sicher R.C.; Kremer D.F., 1984:
Changes of sucrose phosphate synthase activity in barley hordeum vulgare primary leaves during light dark transitions

Dixon, G.M.; Jen, J.J., 1977:
Changes of sugars and acids of osmovac dried apple slices

Wada H.; Nakagawa C.; Nishimoto Y.; Tsuchiya K.; Kujirai K.; Ogahara N., 1986:
Changes of summating potential action potential following repeated noise exposure in rabbits

Amano K.; Yokono K.; Hari J.; Yaso S.; Yonezawa K.; Shii K.; Imamura Y.; Oyanagui Y.; Baba S., 1986:
Changes of superoxide dismutase activities in erythrocytes and islet cell surface antibodies in non obese diabetic mice

Sunada H.; Yamamoto A.; Otsuka A.; Yonezawa Y., 1988:
Changes of surface area in the dissolution process of crystalline substances

Joukoff E.; Planchenault T.; Keil Dlouha V., 1986:
Changes of surface glycoproteins after retinoic acid dibutyryl cyclic amp induced differentiation of teratocarcinoma stem cells

Minarcic P.; Herich R.; Paulech C., 1979:
Changes of surface membrane and chloroplast ultrastructure of barley after infection with powdery mildew

K.K.H.; Chung H.J., 1985:
Changes of susceptibility and intensity of seizures by acoustic stimuli in genetically epileptic rats

Bershtein S.A.; Shapoval L.N.; Bazilyuk O.V., 1981:
Changes of sympathetic activity in the cat renal and splenic nerves after bulbar nuclei stimulation during hypoxic hypoxia

Malínský, J.; Polách, A., 1985:
Changes of synaptic apparatus in the brain cortex of the hedgehog during hibernation (a quantitative Golgi and electron microscopic study)

Brin, V.B., 1975:
Changes of systemic hemodynamics during the introduction of synthetic angiotensin ii to dogs of different ages

Choi Y.K.; Chang S.T., 1987:
Changes of systolic time intervals following acute myocardial ischemia in dog

Rheu J S.; Cho H S., 1986:
Changes of systolic time intervals following induced hypotension

Iwata, H.; Matsuda, T.; Yamagami, S.; Hirata, Y.; Baba, A., 1978:
Changes of taurine content in the brain tissue of barbiturate-dependent rats

Zhang M.; Renjie; Dong S., 1986:
Changes of tear secretory immunoglobulin a in the course of herpes simplex keratitis

Piskareva T.V., 1987:
Changes of temperature in the neocortex posterior hypothalamus and neck muscles during wake sleep cycle in albino rats

Schmidt, E.; Peiper, U., 1972:
Changes of tension of isolated coronary arteries by de polarization and or noradrenaline before and after blockade of the adrenoceptors

Asakawa M., 1980:
Changes of testis adrenal gland and thyroid in chronic alcoholics with liver lesions

Kumagami H.; Nishida H.; Moriuchi H., 1981:
Changes of the action potential summating potential and cochlear microphonics in experimental endolymphatic hydrops

Chen G Y.; F.J.R., 1987:
Changes of the activities of some enzymes in deterioration of peanut seeds

Tiratsuyan S.G.; Vardapetyan R.R.; Panosyan G.A., 1981:
Changes of the activity and iso enzyme pattern of peroxidases during the treatment of wheat germ with fast green

Tiratsuyan S.G.; Vardapetyan R.R.; Panosyan O.A., 1980:
Changes of the activity and isozyme composition of some dehydrogenases after treatment of isolated wheat germs with fast green

Heck I.; Haberland D.; Esser H., 1981:
Changes of the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme in acute alveolar edema of the lung caused by myo cardial de compensation

Manukhin B.N.; Kurbanova G.D.; Volina E.V.; Erokhov P.A., 1985:
Changes of the activity of sodium potassium atpase in blockade of adrenoreceptors

Chung E Y.; Kim H B.; Lee T Y., 1986:
Changes of the activity of the liver cells accompanied with the reproductive cycle of greenling agrammus agrammus

Pichotka, J.P.; Krekeler, H.; Schotte, J.; Muysers, K., 1971:
Changes of the alveolar arterial oxygen pressure difference during hyper ventilation

Maesato, S.; Shimokawa, H.; Hisanaga, S., 1981:
Changes of the amniotic fluid proteins on the basis of molecular weight

Kleudgen H.K., 1979:
Changes of the amounts of pigments and prenyl quinones in chloroplasts of hordeum vulgare seedlings treated with the growth regulating herbicide 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy acetic acid

Dienstbier, Z.; Klir, P.; Pospisil, J.; Skala, E., 1978:
Changes of the anti heparin activity of the blood plasma after irradiation

Kragelund, E., 1970:
Changes of the apparent tritiated water bromine 82 and iodine 125 human albumin and chromium 51 red blood cell dilution volumes before during and after operation in human subjects

Kawamura K.; Nakauchi M., 1984:
Changes of the atrial epithelium during the development of anteroposterior organization in palleal buds of the polystyelid ascidian polyandrocarpa misakiensis

Shormanov S.V.; Pshenisnov K.P., 1987:
Changes of the autovenous graft wall after transplantation into the artery

Berestetskii O.A.; Voznyakovskaya Y.M.; Popova Z.P., 1981:
Changes of the bacterial cenosis of soddy podzolic soil under continuous agricultural crop cultivation

Schiechl H., 1983:
Changes of the basolateral membrane of villus cells of the small intestine in rats at low ph value

Karazeeva E.P.; Kopylova G.N.; Udel'nov M.G., 1983:
Changes of the bio electrical activity of the frog cardiac ventricle under the influence of the intra cardiac reflexes induced by distension of the right atrial myo cardium

Stepanova N.V.; Neborachko V.S.; Svigun V.S., 1982:
Changes of the biochemical composition of bile in obese patients with cholecystitis during diet therapy

Romic, S., 1975:
Changes of the biological potential of the common partridge perdix perdix during the past 33 years

Abaskulieva L.I.; Khanumova T.A.; Kudari N.G., 1981:
Changes of the blood circulation minute volume under the effect of catecholamines and the trace elements lithium and cesium

Matchanov A.T.; Levtov V.A.; Orlov V.V., 1983:
Changes of the blood flow in longitudinal stretch of the cat gastrocnemius muscle

Masaoka N., 1987:
Changes of the blood flow of the lacrimal gland and the volume proportion of secretory granules by stimulation of the preganglionic trunk of superior cervical ganglion in the rabbit

Frol'kis V.V.; Frol'kis R.A.; Pugach B.V.; Gunina L.M.; Rushkevich Y.E., 1979:
Changes of the blood kallikrein kinin system on hypothalamic hypophyseal stimulation in animals of different age

Vartapetyan P.A.; Airapetyan E.M.; Arzumanyan L.A.; Romanenko A.M., 1982:
Changes of the blood lipids and thyroid homeostasis in patients with diabetes mellitus depending on the clinical parameters of the disease

Blomgren H.; Petrini B.; Wasserman J.; Schnell P O.; Lundell G., 1987:
Changes of the blood lymphocyte population following iodine 131 treatment for nodular goiter

Volzhskaya A.M.; Troshikhin G.V., 1987:
Changes of the blood oxygen transport properties in animals after stay in a normoxic gas medium of high density

Ektov V.A.; Kot M.M.; Batyrbaev B.A., 1982:
Changes of the blood picture in heifers with age under the effect of stress factors

Nagashima Y.; Okamoto A., 1985:
Changes of the body measurements and body type of the good landrace pigs in tochigi prefecture japan

Pataki B.; Janaszik A.; Monori I., 1986:
Changes of the body measures of the hungarian cold blooded horse during its history

Romic, S., 1975:
Changes of the body value of the partridge perdix perdix during the past 33 years

Kocián, J., 1979:
Changes of the calcium metabolism in Crohn's disease

Prudnikov V.M.; Bakharev A.M., 1979:
Changes of the caloric equivalent of work in an isolated skeletal muscle under fatigue

Amatuni, V.G.; Babayan, S.B., 1987:
Changes of the capillary bed of the heart in high altitude conditions caused by indomethacin alpha tocopherol and intal

Rakhimov K.; Aleksandrova N.V.; Demidova A.I.; Zaripov B.Z.; Korotina N.A.; Sadykov B.A.; Smirnova G.I., 1979:
Changes of the carbohydrate digestion enzymes and the liver glycogen under conditions of heat adaptation

Kuehbauch W.; Mehrhoff R.; Schnyder H., 1988:
Changes of the carbohydrates of the cell content of crude protein and cell wall contents of leaves culms and ears of wheat during growth in view of the quality of whole plant silage wps

Mar'yan K.L.; Bunyatyan A.M., 1984:
Changes of the cardiac adrenergic neural plexuses under immobilization stress in rats

Ono K., 1980:
Changes of the cecal villi during post natal development in rats

Totoki, T.; Harano, K.; Aika, Y.; Kanaseki, T., 1980:
Changes of the cell bodies in the facial nucleus after facial nerve block

De-Chastellier, C.; Ryter, A., 1977:
Changes of the cell surface and of the digestive apparatus of dictyostelium discoideum during the starvation period triggering aggregation

Aznauryan A.V.; Bakhshinyan M.Z., 1982:
Changes of the cellular composition of peyers patches due to antigenic effects

Răileanu-Moţoiu, I.; Dumitrescu, A.; Costescu, M.; Mocanu, N.; Berceanu, S., 1983:
Changes of the cellular immunity tests during the evolution of Hodgkin's disease

Mal'tseva O.V.; Golovleva L.A., 1983:
Changes of the central metabolism in pseudomonas aeruginosa adapted to growth on p xylene

Oganesyan N.M.; Khachatryan G.G., 1982:
Changes of the cerebral blood flow in patients with hypertensive disease under the influence of complex hypotensive treatment

Ueda W., 1980:
Changes of the cerebro spinal fluid space elastic compliance after cardiac arrest and resuscitation in dogs 1

Ueda, W., 1980:
Changes of the cerebro spinal fluid space elastic compliance after cardiac arrest and resuscitation in dogs 2. effect of barbiturate therapy

Kobayashi H.; Igoshi K.; Arima S.; Ito Y., 1986:
Changes of the chemical composition and properties from colostrum to normal milk of jersey cows

Buschmann C.; Buchanan Bollig I.C., 1983:
Changes of the chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics of 3 carbon pathway and crassulacean acid metabolism plants during day night cycles

Huelgenhof, E.; Schlegel, R., 1986:
Changes of the chromosome structure of hexaploid triticale and their effect on cytological and yield influencing characters i. literature survey

Boev V.M.; Kagan I.I., 1983:
Changes of the circulatory bed in the cerebral hemisphere cortex and in the hippocampus under a physical load

Yannus L.E.; Mazer L.Yu, 1982:
Changes of the clinical and functional state of patients with chronic obstruction of the respiratory tract treated for a long time with intal

Hodate K.; Johke T.; Ohmori S.; Irie T.; Mori M.; Ikeda T., 1979:
Changes of the concentration of the milk serum proteins in dairy cows after parturition

Wittmann M., 1984:
Changes of the condition of sows in lactation and effect of the method of drying on reproduction

Karagezyan K.G.; Aleksanyan K.A.; Mkhitaryan V.G., 1980:
Changes of the content of general and individual phospho lipids of the cerebral tissue in combined irradiation and thermal burn

Mkrtchyan E.A.; Karapetyan R.M.; Gevorkyan S.K.; Vopyan D.S.; Shmavonyan M.V.; Badalyan S.G., 1984:
Changes of the content of t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes in viral hepatitis

Tsutsumi, C.; Shimomura, C., 1978:
Changes of the contents of mineral elements and protein by milling and washing with water

Cho W.S.; Shin D.K.; Lee B.Y., 1985:
Changes of the contents of schizophrenic delusions over the past 20 years in korea

Vakalyuk P.M.; Shvedenko L.A.; Yurkevich S.T.; Nikulin K.E.; Ilika V.G.; Gerasimenko N.I.; Neporadnyi M.D.; Kozak V.P.; Bigar P.V.; Sava V.D., 1982:
Changes of the contractile function of myo cardium and micro circulation in patients with hypertensive disease

Shvaro S.V., 1981:
Changes of the contractile function of the myo cardium in patients with renal failure treated by programmed hemo dialysis

Ringvold A.; Davanger M.; Olsen E.G., 1982:
Changes of the cornea endothelium after uv radiation

Stur, M.; Grabner, G.; Dorda, W., 1984:
Changes of the corneal endothelium following intracapsular cataract extraction with implantation of semiflexible anterior chamber lenses 1. results of the early post operative period

Yoo, C.S.; Rhee, S.W., 1988:
Changes of the corneal thickness intraocular pressure and corneal endothelial cell after neodymium yag laser treatment of rabbit's lens nucleus

Liang H G.; Liu L H.; W.B.J.; L.Q.; Sun A Q., 1985:
Changes of the cyanide resistant respiration in callus cultures of nicotiana tabacum during the period of differentiation

Yang J.; E.A., 1983:
Changes of the cyclic amp of the lung tissue and plasma in experimental silicosis

Svitkina T.M.; Vasil'ev Y.M., 1986:
Changes of the cytoskeleton in colcemid treated mouse embryo fibroblasts electron microscopy of platinum replicas

Ihnen, E., 1978:
Changes of the depth dose curve in case of 42 mev photon irradiation through a plexiglas plate of 3 centimeters

Svetikova, K.M.; Chumasov, E.I., 1987:
Changes of the dermal epithelium and nervous elements in the rat sole during directed regeneration of the sciatic nerve

Fedishin I.S.; Biletskii V.I.; Shalimov S.A.; Zemskov V.S.; Vershinskaya N.V.; Livshits Y.Z.; Medvedev V.E.; Litvinenko G.I., 1981:
Changes of the digestive system function after partial and complete removal of the pancreas

Groza, P.; Bordeianu, A.; Cananau, S.; Boca, A., 1979:
Changes of the digestive tract in rats submitted to a space flight of 18.5 days

Gydikov, A.; Tankov, N., 1977:
Changes of the discharge frequency of motor units in human muscles upon stretching and unloading under different conditions

Vislobokov A.I., 1984:
Changes of the electrical activity of neurons of the pond snail planorbarius corneus in hypotonic and hypertonic solutions

Novak J.; Pribil M.; Kryl L., 1979:
Changes of the electro cardiographic curve in immersing the face into cool water

Pfurtscheller, G.; Waibel, R.; Schuy, S., 1976:
Changes of the electro encephalogram during a contingent negative variation paradigm

Oswald V.; Emmerich E., 1980:
Changes of the electro retinogram by stimulation of the formation reticularis mesencephali

Tost M.; Roy S.; Roy D., 1982:
Changes of the endothelium of the cornea after implantation of plastics inlays

Davydov A.F.; Ivanov K.P.; Bedrov Y.A.; Vershinina E.A., 1981:
Changes of the energetics of muscle contractions during ontogenesis

Ananchenko V.G.; Neverov I.V.; Strel'tsova T.V.; Gulevich N.V.; Gryaznova N.A.; Yurazh V.Ya, 1981:
Changes of the energy series enzymes in the lymphocytes of patients with myo cardial infarction

Nozawa M.; Chiba T.; Fujiya H.; Taminato T.; Kadowaki S.; Matsukura S.; Fujita T.; Goto Y., 1982:
Changes of the enhanced gastric somatostatin release and d cells in experimental diabetic rat by pancreatic transplantation

Guba N.M.; Kuchma A.P.; Vershinskaya N.V.; Guba M.I., 1981:
Changes of the enzymatic activity in patients with chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract during treatment at the mirgorod health resort ukrainian ssr ussr

Kotani, J.; Itoh, T.; Kawajiri, H.; Oka, T., 1981:
Changes of the epidural pressure during ATP induced hypotensive anesthesia in dogs

Rossa B., 1979:
Changes of the epithelium of the human oral mucosa at the hard palate and cheek under the influence of age and use of dentures

Nazarov S.B.; Gorozhanin L.S., 1987:
Changes of the erythrocyte system in albino rats during dynamic physical training

Pfeiffer, C.; Flemming, B.; Guenther, J.; Vetter, R.; Goos, H.; Pfeifer, K., 1978:
Changes of the excitation contraction coupling in the myo cardium of rabbits after feeding a cholesterol containing diet

Palecek, J.; Ubbels, G.A.; Rzehak, K., 1978:
Changes of the external and internal pigment pattern upon fertilization in the egg of Xenopus laevis

Borovickova Z.; Prochazkova I., 1984:
Changes of the facial profile after operations of prognathic anomalies

Beno I.; Rozhold J.; Chorvathova V.; Prikazska M.; Virsik A.; Siman J.; Horvath A.; Herman H., 1979:
Changes of the fat and nitrogen balance after a jejuno ileal bypass on account of morbid obesity

Chen C K.; Wang Y C.; You Z P., 1988:
Changes of the fat body of black cutworm during metamorphosis and the effect of juvenile hormone analogue

Vishnevskaya E.K., 1987:
Changes of the fat storing hepatic cells under conditions of experimental hypervitaminosis a

Klobasa F.; Farries E., 1986:
Changes of the fatty acid spectrum in milkfat of sows during lactation

Shirotani, K., 1974:
Changes of the fetal hemo globin contents among navel cord blood full term normal and low birth weight infants premature infants and congenital cyanotic heart diseases

Suzuki T.; Waku S.; Enokihara H.; Shishido H., 1987:
Changes of the fibronectin levels in the patients with malignant lymphoma

Fujiya S.; Asanuma Y.; Ide H.; Agishi Y., 1986:
Changes of the finger skin temperature during one hand hot water immersion in normal subjects and patients with vibration disorder

Polenov S.A.; Chernyavskaya G.V., 1982:
Changes of the fluid trans capillary exchange and distensibility of the small intestine venous vessels in adrenergic stimulation

Makovskaya V.A., 1986:
Changes of the fluid transcapillary exchange in the small intestine in reflex activation of vagus nerves

Yamaguchi, H.; Takahara, H.; Takeoka, M., 1987:
Changes of the forests in the hira mountains shiga prefecture japan 1. pollen analysis of the sugiyaike moor

Yamaguchi, H.; Takahara, H.; Takeoka, M., 1988:
Changes of the forests in the hira mountains shiga prefecture japan 2. pollen analysis of the kojorogaike moor

Tsuyuki H.; Abe T., 1986:
Changes of the free organic acid composition in the process of hoshigaki sun dried persimmon

Hata T.; Kita T.; Itoh E.; Namimatsu A., 1982:
Changes of the function in the heart of repeated cold stressed mice and the action of neurotropin on these changes

Kudryashov, B.A.; Lyapina, L.A.; Zhitnikova, E.S., 1976:
Changes of the function of the anti coagulating system in immobilized splenectomized animals

Navakatikyan A.O.; Lysina G.G.; Rossinskaya L.N., 1980:
Changes of the functional state of external respiration and circulation due to working conditions in agricultural production

Bakuradze A.N.; Eliava G.G.; Nachkebiya N.G., 1982:
Changes of the functional state of the central nervous system in relation to respiration phases

Kruglikov, R.I.; Getsova, V.M.; Gromakovskaya, M.M.; Dish, T.N.; Krichevskaya, E.I.; Orlova, N.V.; Polyanskaya, L.G.; Rosin-Ya, A.; Shurygina, A.P., 1976:
Changes of the functional state of the higher regions of the central nervous system under the influence of conflicts of unconditioned reflexes

Kory S.; Cimpeanu E., 1979:
Changes of the fundus of the eye during the first 2 weeks from the onset of cerebral hemorrhage and infarction

Petrosyan V.S.; Kazaryan D.G.; Vartanyan A.S.; Pyuskyulyan L.I., 1983:
Changes of the gas content and ph of the blood of the portal system in the extrahepatic form of portal hypertension in an experiment

Fleck U.; Nowak W.; Blech W., 1984:
Changes of the gastric acid secretion after resecting diverse small bowel segments an experimental investigation in rats

Oka H., 1985:
Changes of the gastric mucosal glycoprotein in gastric ulcers under the administration of antiulcer agents using measurement of hexosamine

Tomiuk J.; Woehrmann K., 1981:
Changes of the genotype frequencies at the malate dehydrogenase locus in populations of macrosiphum rosae hemiptera aphididae

Isogai, H.; Isogai, E.; Ito, N.; Takano, K., 1988:
Changes of the gingival blood flow in rats with congenital susceptibility to gingivitis

Rovnova, Z.I.; Kosyakov, P.N.; Isaeva, E.I.; Platonova, A.L.; Mel'nichenko, E.I., 1978:
Changes of the h 3 antigenic determinant in influenza type a virus

Findrik M.; Serman V., 1979:
Changes of the hemo globin level in blood and of the iron level in plasma of fattening turkeys

Balakhovsky I.; Legenkov V.I.; Kiselev R.K., 1980:
Changes of the hemo globin mass in real and simulated space flights

Tanabe S.; Kusano T., 1984:
Changes of the hemolymph amylase activity during development and its properties in the cabbage armyworm mamestra brassicae

Yanchuk P.I.; Tsybenko V.A., 1986:
Changes of the hepatic circulation during stimulation of the medulla oblongata

Ishikawa I.; Tateishi K.; Shinoda A.; Onouchi Z.; Saito Y.; Asato T., 1984:
Changes of the hepatic computed tomographic absorption value in hemo dialysis patients

Ohara K., 1988:
Changes of the human corneal endothelial cell junction in vivo

Montoya, E.; Gonzalez, C.; Lamas, L.; Jolin, T., 1978:
Changes of the hypothalamus pituitary thyroid axis in streptozotocin diabetic rats during adaptation to a low iodine diet

Seifert J.; Hallfeld K.; Eberle B.; Krumbach J., 1983:
Changes of the immune response due to the absorption of antigenic protein in peptides

Zivna H.; Simek J.; Cervinkova Z.; Holecek M.; Zivny P., 1987:
Changes of the immune system and sensitivity of the liver to galactosamine on administration of a diet with different protein content

Bonmassar A.; Frati L.; Fioretti M.C.; Romani L.; Giampietri A.; Goldins A., 1979:
Changes of the immunogenic properties of k 36 lymphoma treated in vivo with 53 3 di methyl 1 triazeno imidazole 4 carboxamide

Cai W.; Zhou D.; Sun Y.; L.W., 1987:
Changes of the innervation of the uterus in the rat during pregnancy

Sokolova N.A.; Kopylova G.N.; Pavlenko E.A.; Kaverin M.A.; Udel'nov M.G., 1982:
Changes of the intra cardiac ganglio synaptic apparatus due to interaction of sympathetic and parasympathetic regulatory influences on the pacemaker rhythm

Krupnova E.P.; Kopylova G.N.; Sokolova N.A.; Samonina G.E., 1986:
Changes of the intracardiac ganglionic activity during various phases of cardiac cycle

Wahlers, T.; Haverich, A.; Schäfers, H.J.; Frimpong-Boateng, K.; Fieguth, H.G.; Hermann, G.; Borst, H.G.; Arvanitidou, V., 1986:
Changes of the intramyocardial electrogram after orthotopic heart transplantation

Bui-Mong-Hung ; Appel, M.; De-Mendonca, M., 1977:
Changes of the kinetics of calcium washout from dog heart after ischemia

Petzold E.; Richter W.; Karschunke H.J., 1987:
Changes of the knee joint cartilage of rats under the influence of running a contribution to arthrosis research

Dite P.; Bratova M.; Smahelova A.; Nerad V.; Skaunic V., 1985:
Changes of the lactoferrin content in the duodenal aspirate in patients with diabetes

Arines J.; Fabregas R.; Sainz M.J., 1984:
Changes of the leaf dry weight to stem dry weight ratio in red clover

Vizarova G.; Vazar I.; Rakus D., 1984:
Changes of the level of free endogenous cytokinins in the above ground parts of red currants ribes houghtonianum after infestation by mycoplasma

Kong B.H.; Kim I., 1985:
Changes of the ligamentum flavum in vertebral segmental instability

Luhn, J.P.; Donath, K.; Haneke, E., 1981:
Changes of the lip salivary glands in glossodynia. Histologic and morphometric analysis

Lang, K.; Reimold, W.V., 1971:
Changes of the lipid and fatty acid composition in the myo cardial tissue of rats under the influence of red perch oil and coconut fat in a long term feeding test

Krasnopol'skyi Y.M.; Hol'bets' I.I.; Syennikov H.A.; Shvets' V.I., 1984:
Changes of the lipid composition of spleen nuclei during immune response

Roucayrol, J.C.; Leroy-Willig, A.; Courtieu, J.; Luton, J.P., 1986:
Changes of the lipid water ratio in the cortex of diseased adrenal glands as shown by nmr proton spectrometry at 1.5 tesla

Yakovleva, V.I., 1977:
Changes of the liver lipid content of rats on the bio satellites cosmos 605 and cosmos 782

Zitova, V.; Fric, P.; Streda, A.; Kolar, J., 1988:
Changes of the locomotor apparatus in inflammatory intestinal diseases ii. clinical aspects of seronegative spondylarthritis

Shishkanov V.V.; Serebrovskaya I.A., 1980:
Changes of the lung surfactant system during and after starvation

Bartos, V.; Kolc, J.; Málek, P.; Matĕjcková, M., 1977:
Changes of the lymph in experimental pancreatitis of the dog

Sakamoto M., 1980:
Changes of the lymphatic system in cats experimentally infected with brugia filariasis

Butorac, A., 1976:
Changes of the main physical properties of some pseudogley varieties under the influence of agro technical ameliorations and introduction of lucerne

Khailov, K.M., 1978:
Changes of the mass length and metabolism of simple and composite thalli of marine macrophytes in their ontogenetic series

Ristic M.; Schoen L., 1980:
Changes of the meat quality of broiler in dependency to the time of thawing and re freezing

Behnel H.J.; Seydewitz H.H., 1980:
Changes of the membrane potential during formation of heat shock puffs induced by ion carriers in drosophila melanogaster salivary glands

Linss, H., 1977:
Changes of the metabolism of rape infected with plasmodiophora brassicae

Tutatchikov V.P., 1983:
Changes of the micro circulatory bed and blood micro circulation in the rabbit small intestine mesentery in experimental hyper cholesterolemia

Nalecz M.J.; Wroniszewska A.; Famulski K.S.; Wojtczak L., 1982:
Changes of the mitochondrial surface potential during cuprizone induced formation of mega mitochondria

Liberman, A.D., 1978:
Changes of the mitotic activity of corneal epithelial cells under the effect of pyruvic acid

Lastovka M., 1986:
Changes of the monosynaptic reflex spinal cord activity in stutterers out of the paroxysm of stuttering

Jeschek, J., 1977:
Changes of the motility of the pillar in case of intra thoracic afflictions

Zelewski, M.; Swierczynski, J., 1985:
Changes of the nadp linked malic enzyme ec in the developing rat skeletal muscle

Panikarskii V.G., 1982:
Changes of the nerve cells of the spinal cord in experimental alcohol intoxication

Tebloev I.K., 1981:
Changes of the nervous system in rossolimo melkerson rosenthals syndrome and its clinical independence

Zdichynec, B., 1978:
Changes of the neuro vegetative reactivity in obese women during reducing treatment

Isoeliani T.K.; Khizanishvili N.A.; Mgaloblishvili N.R., 1979:
Changes of the neuronal activity in the visual cortex by stimulation of the locus coeruleus

Hirano, A., 1978:
Changes of the neuronal endoplasmic reticulum in the peripheral nervous system in mutant hamsters with hind leg paralysis and normal controls

Kharebava I.G.; Medulashvili C.G., 1982:
Changes of the nuclear cytoplasmic ratios in the dog cerebral cortex during post natal ontogenesis

Froede, D., 1977:
Changes of the number of gray partridges in schleswig holstein west germany

Popova V.N.; Beketova I.L.; Malikov B.A.; Evstigneeva L.A., 1982:
Changes of the oxygen transport function of the blood and metabolic values in patients with hypertensive disease and chronic ischemic heart disease during ergometry

Tanaka, C., 1977:
Changes of the pancreas in patients with gall stones a special consideration on pancreozymin secretin test and pathological examination of pancreatic tissues

Schmitz-Moormann, P.; Hein, J., 1976:
Changes of the pancreatic duct system associated with aging: their relations to parenchyma

Tanaka T.; Ichiba Y.; Kodama O.; Ezaki H., 1984:
Changes of the pancreatic exocrine function in new canine model of pancreaticoduodenectomy by n benzoyl l tyrosyl p aminobenzoic acid test

Starzyk J.R.; Witkowski Z., 1981:
Changes of the parameters describing the cambiophagous and xylophagous insect communities during the secondary succession of the oak hornbeam association in the niepolomice forest near krakow poland

Ikeda, K.; Morizono, T., 1988:
Changes of the permeability of round window membrane in otitis media

Helder, R.J.; Zanstra, P.E., 1977:
Changes of the ph at the upper and lower surface of bi carbonate assimilating leaves of potamogeton lucens

Viell B., 1980:
Changes of the phenolic content in regenerating cells of the liverwort riella helicophylla

Molchanova, L.V.; Kozhura, V.L., 1975:
Changes of the phosphatase and acid cathepsin activity in the cerebral cortex of dogs in terminal states

Weiss, H.; Kosmath, B.; Graf, A., 1976:
Changes of the phosphatides and their fatty acids in the retina and in the fasciculus opticus after retinal detachment investigations on human and animal retinas

Biskupski A.; Grabski J.; Karolini Skaradzinska Z.; Zych M., 1979:
Changes of the physical and biochemical characteristics of wheat and rye seeds occurring during storage

Satsukyevich, V.B.; Lyashkyevich, N.M., 1975:
Changes of the physiological and biochemical indices and productivity of sugar beet under conditions of the aftereffect of copper and cobalt

Araki S.; Ogawa H.; Oohusa T.; Ueno J.; Saito M.; Imayoshi J.; Kayama M., 1982:
Changes of the pigments in dried laver nori porphyra yezoensis at different water activities

Berdina N.A.; Rodionov I.M.; Sergeev I.Yu, 1981:
Changes of the plasma composition leading to an increased osmotic pressure of the venous blood due to cholinergic dilatatory effect

Mori T., 1982:
Changes of the plasma prolactin growth hormone and acth levels following surgical stress and epidural micro injections of morphine hydro chloride for the post operative analgesic method

Lasarov I.; Franzova S.; Russeva T., 1988:
Changes of the prostaglandin f 2 alpha quantity with cut skin wounds of different time intervals

Roth E., 1985:
Changes of the protein metabolism in cachexia and catabolism

Jakoubek B.; Pevzner L.Z.; Pavlik A., 1979:
Changes of the protein metabolism in rat spinal moto neurons and peri neuronal glial cells induced by anticipation stress and the administration of diazepam a cyto spectrophotometric and auto radiographic study

Schmidt, G.H., 1968:
Changes of the pteridine pattern during the spring activation of the workers of formica polyctena hymenoptera

Kozhedub R.G.; Shlikhtkhar Kh, 1986:
Changes of the pyramidal tract response during formation of conditioned reflex to direct stimulation of rabbit sensorimotor cortex

Bezhanishvili K.N.; Kakhniashvili K.A.; Ugrekhelidze D.Sh, 1981:
Changes of the quantitative composition and hydrolyzing activity of chlorophyllase in grapevine leaves under the action of atrazine

Sjostrom, H.; Noren, O., 1982:
Changes of the quaternary structure of micro villus amino peptidase ec in the membrane

Ovchinnikova L.P.; Barabanova V.V.; Shalyapina V.G., 1986:
Changes of the rat portal vein contractile activity under the effect of corticosteroid hormones

Nikula T.D., 1981:
Changes of the ratio between the concentration of free amino acids in the saliva and blood plasma in chronic glomerulo nephritis

Zamuraev I.N.; Lukashin V.G., 1983:
Changes of the redox systems of terminal plates of the bush line receptor in its different functional states

Pulpanova J.; Kovarova H.; Ledvina M., 1982:
Changes of the reduced glutathione concentration and the activity of glutathione reductase in some tissues of rats gamma irradiated after the administration of cystamine

Morello H.; Taleisnik S., 1985:
Changes of the release of luteinizing hormone on the day of proestrus after lesions of stimulation of the raphe nuclei in rats

Mase Y., 1987:
Changes of the respiratory function in climbing to 8th station of mount fuji japan 3250 m above sea level

Ostrovskaya T.P.; Filatova N.P.; Novikov A.V.; Ilyushina I.P., 1984:
Changes of the resting electrocardiogram in males with impaired carbohydrate tolerance of varying degree in the absence of any clinical symptoms of coronary heart disease and arterial hypertension

Malínský, J.; Sedlák, C., 1983:
Changes of the rhinencephalic neurons in the hibernating hedgehog

Ostádal, B.; Urbanová, D.; Ressl, J.; Procházka, J.; Pelouch, V.; Widimský, J., 1981:
Changes of the right and left ventricles in rats exposed to intermittent high altitude hypoxia

Serdyukova N.A.; Panfilova Z.I.; Romashchenko A.G.; Salganik R.I., 1982:
Changes of the rna dependent dna polymerase activity in escherichia coli cells correlated with cell growth conditions

Nagayoshi S.; Yamaguchi H.; Ichikawa T.; Miyazu M.; Morishima T.; Ozaki T.; Isomura S.; Suzuki S.; Ioshino M., 1980:
Changes of the rotavirus concentration in feces during the course of acute gastro enteritis as determined by the immune adherence hem agglutination test

Egorov V.V.; Kistanov N.S.; Platonova T.K., 1979:
Changes of the salt state of long irrigated chernozems in the transvolga region russian sfsr ussr the kutuluk river system

Ishioka A.; Kawakami K.; Sasaki D.; Sohma S.; Narita N.; Kanazawa T., 1982:
Changes of the scores of state trait anxiety inventory and egogram in the patients with psycho somatic disease before and after psycho somatic therapy

Vekshina, N.L.; Semenova, T.P., 1976:
Changes of the serotonin and noradrenaline level in the brain of albino rats taught with emotionally varying reinforcement

Darinskaya, V.S.; Zamoskovskii, E.M.; Darinskii-Yu, A., 1976:
Changes of the size of moto neurons and their components under different forms of activation of nerve centers

Jaster D.; Kolp W., 1987:
Changes of the skeleton due to sickle cell anemia

Nakata, N.; Maeda, M.; Yasunami, T., 1988:
Changes of the somatic and autonomic nerve responses by local compression of spinal cord at the lumbar region

Britto M.M.S.; Alves A.F.P.; Rabelo M.M., 1985:
Changes of the somatic and sexual development in sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trace

Inui N., 1988:
Changes of the somatic autonomic nervous system in the motor learning

Pahlich, E.; Maywald, H.; Harms, H., 1976:
Changes of the specific activities of glutamate dehydrogenase ec malate dehydrogenase ec and iso citrate dehydrogenase ec in light grown and dark grown suspension cultures of root cells from pisum sativum

Drabent R.; Wieczorek Z.; Bryl K., 1986:
Changes of the spectral properties of 10 dodecylisoalloxazine under the influence of a binary solvent

Steubing L.; Fricke G.; Jehn H., 1983:
Changes of the spectrum of algae of the eder river west germany during the last 4 decades

Kostecka Pokryszko A.; Mulczyk M.; Cierlinska M.; Strusinska H., 1986:
Changes of the st t complex in ekg after treatment with ibuprofen

Guerin B.; Silice C.; Mouchet P.; Feuerstein C.; Demenge P., 1985:
Changes of the striatal tritiated spiperone binding 3 6 weeks after nigrostriatal denervation and after 2 years

Zhimulev, I.F.; Belyaeva, E.S., 1976:
Changes of the structure of drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes after a long term cultivation of larval salivary glands in the imago abdomen

D.A.broggi L.; Bertoni T.; Marangoni E.; Marconi M.; Klersy C.; Eriano G.; Ambrosini F.; Panciroli C.; Salerno J.A., 1987:
Changes of the surface cardiac potentials assessed by means of thoracic electromaps

Yamaai T., 1981:
Changes of the surface membrane structure during differentiation of ependymal cells in the chick lateral ventricle

Shawchuk I.L., 1982:
Changes of the sympathetic efferent activity during stimulation of medulla oblongata nuclei and characteristics of their electric reactions to visceral afferent fiber excitation

Vinogradova, M.I.; Makovskaya, V.A.; Tkachenko, B.I., 1976:
Changes of the sympathetic impulsation and responses of the intestinal and renal vessels during pressor reflexes

Nagnibeda N.N.; Nagnibeda I.M., 1987:
Changes of the sympathoadrenal system activity in acute hemic hypoxia

Emmrich J.; Geiler G., 1980:
Changes of the synovial membrane in early rheumatoid arthritis immuno histochemical and serological examinations

Wada, M., 1978:
Changes of the thickness of epidermal tissue with aging

D.T.ledo S.; Bozzo L.; D.N.scimento A.; Sallum A.W., 1979:
Changes of the thyroid gland and periodontal tissues of marmosets callithrix jacchus related to experimental hypo thyroidism

Ruzzier F.; D.G.egorio F.; Scuka M., 1982:
Changes of the time course of the end plate current during repetitive stimulation

Rusakov D.A.; Shugurov O.A., 1987:
Changes of the transmission efficacy in synapses of the dorsal horn of the cat spinal cord during repeated activation of cutaneous afferents

Nakabayashi T.; Masano M., 1986:
Changes of the trigonelline and caffeine contents in coffee beans during the course of roast

Maruhashi K., 1984:
Changes of the tumor vessels following intra arterial infusion therapy using a combination of anti cancer agents and dexamethasone

Sato A.; II.K., 1985:
Changes of the tympanogram after acute otitis media in children results of screening tests and questionnaires

Michalczyk W.; Michalczyk K., 1981:
Changes of the type of primary tuberculosis in adults

Gabrashanska M.; Daskalova A., 1981:
Changes of the ubi quinone content in chicken livers in an experimental invasion with ascaridia galli

Pirogov, A.A.; Orlov, A.A., 1976:
Changes of the unit activity in the cat sensori motor cortex under heteromodal stimulation

Kubo, T.; Sasaki, S.; Numasato, S.; Takahashi, S.; Arasaka, T., 1977:
Changes of the ureteral movement in diuretic condition and after ureteral surgery

Maltsev, A.V.; Ryabov, V.T.; Kaydaulova, N.V., 1983:
Changes of the uterus epithelium proteins during the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy

Petersen P.M., 1980:
Changes of the vascular plant flora and vegetation in a protected danish mire maglemose 1913 1979

Orlov V.Ya, 1980:
Changes of the vascular tonus in initial barbital narcosis in elderly patients

Neshataev V.Yu, 1986:
Changes of the vegetation in grass sphagnum pine forests under the influence of drainage

Mittelstaedt H.; Mueller Stoll W.R., 1984 :
Changes of the volume of vacuoles in the parenchyma cells of bark after the influence of frost

Pastukhov Y.F.; Chepkasov I.E., 1984:
Changes of the wakefulness sleep cycle in mice induced by endogenous substances from tissues of hibernating ground squirrels citellus parryi and citellus undulatus

Oros I., 1979:
Changes of the water content in tissues under the influence of hydrocortisone

Priehrandny, S., 1978:
Changes of the water uptake water loss ratio following infection by powdery mildew of a resistant barley cultivar

Pastukhov Y.F.; Chepkasov I.E., 1983:
Changes of thermo regulation in white mice by endogenous substances from intestinal tissues of hibernating animals

Yagi N.; O'brien E.J.; Matsubara I., 1981:
Changes of thick filament structure during contraction of frog rana catesbeiana striated muscle

Baneva N.A., 1980:
Changes of thin root mass in spruce in pure stands

Battmer R.D.; Lehnhardt E.; Laszig R., 1988:
Changes of threshold level and comfortable level in patients using the clark nucleus cochlear implant

Itoh S.; Kuramitsu S.; Oku T.; Nishimura M., 1981:
Changes of time courses of delayed fluorescence and prompt fluorescence during in vivo and in vitro photo activation of the oxygen evolving system in dark grown spruce picea abies seedlings

Hata T.; Kita T.; Kawabata A.; Itoh E.; Nishimura Y., 1986:
Changes of tissue blood flow in mice loaded with specific alteration of rhythm in temperature repeated cold stress or restraint and water immersion stress and the effect of administered neurotropin

Mironov A.A.; Eremin G.A.; Vasilenko V.A.; Speranskii N.N., 1980:
Changes of tissue elements in dog kidney after sectioning its lymphatic vessels role of disturbances in lymph drainage during transplantation of the kidney

Inamori Y.; Kubo M.; Kato Y.; Tsujibo H.; Sakai M.; Kozawa M., 1986:
Changes of tissue histopathology and uric acid excretion in silkworm bombyx mori larvae intoxicated with deoxypodophyllotoxin and racemomycin d and during starvation

Kita T.; Hata T.; Higashiguchi T.; Itoh E.; Kawabata A., 1986:
Changes of total acetylcholine content and the activity of related enzymes in specific alternation of rhythm in environmental temperature repeated cold stressed rat brain and duodenum

Harris, E.J.; Van-Dam, K., 1968:
Changes of total water and sucrose space accompanying induced ion uptake or phosphate swelling of rat liver mitochondria valinomycin metab nigericin metab

Mkheyan V.E.; Azatyan A.S., 1979:
Changes of trans aminase activity in the serum of peripheral blood and of acetyl cholin esterase in whole blood under the influence of laser rays on burns of the 3rd degree in animals with x ray injuries

Broun G.R.; Govardovskii V.I., 1982:
Changes of trans epithelial potential and impulse reactions evoked by thermal stimulation of the lorenzinian ampullae in skate raja clavata

Dziegielewski, T.; Pawelkiewicz, J., 1977:
Changes of transfer cytosylcytosyl adenosine rna end during germination of lupinus luteus seeds

Wei Q S.; W.Z.Z., 1987:
Changes of transplantation peculiarities of fetal liver hemopoietic stem cells after short term culture in diffusion chamber in vivo

Czyzewska, K.; Junik, R.; Knapowski, J., 1985 :
Changes of transport functions of rabbit small intestinal wall under the effect of diquat and its penetration in vitro

Uchiyama M.; Nakajima Y.; Magara Y., 1986:
Changes of trihalomethane formation potentials in the tone river japan

Zhu S P.; Liu Z H., 1985:
Changes of tritiated 5 hydroxytryptamine in mesencephalon aqueduct and periaqueductal gray matter in the process of acupuncture analgesia

Collier W.L.; Iacopino L.; Amenta F., 1984:
Changes of tritium spiroperidol binding in the renal artery of aged rabbits

Kakoniova D.; Zakutna L., 1985:
Changes of ultrastructure of common spruce protoplasts during cultivation

Han J.H.; Tchai B.S., 1983:
Changes of urinary estrone 3 alpha glucuronide and pregnanediol 3 alpha glucuronide levels during human ovarian cycles

Tobioka H.; Kawashima R., 1984:
Changes of urinary excretion and the plasma concentration of certain nitrogen compounds in a castrated and a partially castrated male sheep injected with synthetic estrogen

Hisa Y.; Tanizawa O.; Yamaji K.; Kurachi K., 1979:
Changes of urinary metabolites of prostaglandin f 2 alpha during pregnancy labor and the early post partum period

Nishiwaki S., 1983:
Changes of urinary steroid hormones in amenorrhea

Hof D.; Fox J.M., 1983:
Changes of uv sensitivity of voltage clamped sodium channels during their potential induced conductance cycle

Saenko G.N.; Babii A.P.; Bagaveev I.A., 1986:
Changes of uv spectra of copper ii complexes with native dna in solutions with various ion strength

Hama Y., 1981:
Changes of vascular architecture in experimental cerebral infarction

Gevorkyan D.; Chloyan A.E., 1980:
Changes of vascular capillary nets of the myo cardium and lungs of children with acute pneumonia

Karmazyn, M.; Manku, M.S.; Horrobin, D.F., 1978:
Changes of vascular reactivity induced by low vasopressin concentrations: interactions with cortisol and lithium and possible involvement of prostaglandins

Bazilyuk O.V.; Bershtein S.A.; Solov'ev A.I., 1980:
Changes of vascular smooth muscle reactivity at different levels of perfusate oxygenation

Kawamoto K.; Kawashima S., 1985:
Changes of vasopressin immunoreactive and oxytocin immunoreactive neurons after hypophysectomy in young and old mice

Kats, N.Y. ; Kats, S.V., 1978:
Changes of vegetation in the eastern foothills of the southern urals ussr during the postglacial period

Kotousová-Stanková, Z.; Puchmayer, V.; Bulvas, M.; Gasior, R.; Kotous, J.; Albrecht, V., 1976:
Changes of vegetative reflexes and the cold test in patients with peptic ulcers and healthy subjects

Papa G.; Meninno V.; Basilone V.; Lombardi S., 1982:
Changes of ventilation induced in athletes by prolonged physical exercise

Krzyzanowski, M., 1980 :
Changes of ventilatory capacity in an adult population during a 5 year period

Tsareva M.; Kiradzhieva M.; Dimitrov A., 1984:
Changes of ventilatory function in children with acute purulent diseases of lung and pleura

Matoba, T.; Toshima, H.; Nagae, K.; Yamazaki, S., 1979:
Changes of ventricular monophasic action potential duration by stellate ganglion stimulation in dogs

Hanak J., 1980:
Changes of ventricular vector during training of thoroughbred race horses

Kobayashi Y.; Yagi T.; Baba S.; Kamio T.; Aoki H.; Ushijima K.; Ishida Y., 1985:
Changes of vestibular function after endolymphatic sac surgery

Saruyama H.; Oshima A.; Sasaki S., 1979:
Changes of viability and protein synthesizing activity in psychrotrophic and mesophilic bacteria by chilling at 0 celsius

Reymann, K.; Schmidt, D.; Haubenreiser, J., 1980:
Changes of visual evoked potentials during feeding behavior in rabbits 1. dependence on motivational state

Reymann, K.; Haschke, W., 1980:
Changes of visual evoked potentials during feeding behavior in rabbits 2. dependence on biological significance of the stimulus

Pulos E.; Makous W., 1982:
Changes of visual sensitivity caused by on transients and off transients

Doi T.; Kawata T.; Maekawa A., 1986:
Changes of vitamin b 12 dependent enzymes activities in the liver of vitamin b 12 deprived rats

Ochi H.; Shigeoka S.; Watanabe F.; Nakano Y.; Kitaoka S., 1988:
Changes of vitamin b 2 and b 6 contents during growth of euglena gracilis

Tsujimura M.; Fukuda T., 1985:
Changes of vitamin c excreted into urine after oral administration of dehydroascorbic acid to humans

Sobolev D.D.; Anastasiadi I.P.; Eres'ko L.G., 1987:
Changes of vitamin content in various cereals during storage

Tsukui I., 1985:
Changes of vitamin d metabolites after kidney transplantation with special reference to plasma 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d

Odachi J.; Fujita T.; Kanbe T.; Oshiba K., 1980:
Changes of vitamins and amino acids in foods after pressure cooking

Lamprecht A., 1988:
Changes of voice parameters by the lombard reflex

Nagashima T.; Koizumi Y.; Yamada M.; Yanagida F., 1987:
Changes of volatile components in spices for curry making after heat treatments a study on curry part vi

Christensson, P.; Arborelius, M.; Kautto-Wiberg, R., 1986:
Changes of volume of trapped gas after bronchodilation in subjects with suspected subclinical emphysema

Tsutsui, M., 1988:
Changes of voluntary spirometric function in early periods after pulmonary resections iv. on patients with bilateral thoracotomies

Tsutsui, M., 1987:
Changes of voluntary spirometric functions in early periods after pulmonary reactions ii. on patients with lobectomy

Tsutsui, M.; Iwasaki, A.; Kido, K.; Yamasaki, S.; Shirakusa, T.; Inutsuka, S., 1987:
Changes of voluntary spirometric functions in early periods after pulmonary resections i. on patients with partial resections of the lung

Szegedi B.; Keresztes M.; Juhasz B., 1982:
Changes of water and electrolyte metabolism in ruminants after water deprivation and sodium chloride load

Priehradny S., 1984:
Changes of water content in barley plants infected by erysiphe graminis

Medvedev V.V., 1980:
Changes of water physical properties in chernozems due to application of farm manure

Heun A M.; Gorham J.; Luettge U.; Wynjones R.G., 1981:
Changes of water relation characteristics and levels of organic cytoplasmic solutes during salinity induced transition of mesembryanthemum crystallinum from 3 carbon pathway photosynthesis to crassulacean acid metabolism

Priehradny S., 1981:
Changes of water saturation deficit after infection with powdery mildew of a susceptible barley hordeum vulgare cultivar slovensky durajsky trh

Ito A., 1987:
Changes of water temperature ph dissolved oxygen inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in flowing irrigation water on paddy surface

Garnier J., 1984:
Changes of water transparency and chlorophyll a concentrations in a sand pit the lake of creteil france during a 4 year period 1979 1982

Yudakhin, P.G.; Yatskova, E.G., 1977:
Changes of weakly developed soils of burganda under the effect of cultivation

Galun, E.; Burstein, R.; Assia, E.; Tur-Kaspa, I.; Rosenblum, J.; Epstein, Y., 1987:
Changes of white blood cell count during prolonged exercise

Takeda M.; Nakazato A.; Tsukahara T., 1981:
Changes of wild yeasts in yamahaimoto

Kanazawa, H., 1977:
Changes of x ray sensitivity of trillium chromosome during meiosis with special reference to effects of nitrogen gas and carbon mon oxide on the sensitivity

Shi Z.; Zhao D.; L.C.; Qian M., 1983:
Changes on electro encephalogram under acute hypoxia and relationship between tolerant ability to hypoxia and adaptation ability to high altitudes

Matsuzawa T.; Yamaura H.; Kojima K.; Hoshino K.; Nakayama T.; Takeda S., 1983:
Changes on electrophoretic behavior of embryonic rat neural cells during telencephalon histogenesis

D.C.rvalho V.D.D.; Chalfoun S.M.; Paula M.B.D.; Rosa L.D.A., 1985:
Changes on fruit quality characteristics during developing period of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Pidello A., 1985:
Changes on inorganic nitrogen solution perfused in soil plant systems inoculated with azospirillum spp

Park J W., 1980:
Changes on serum calcium sodium and potassium concentrations after administration of muscle relaxants

Gonzalez Julia B.; Fernandez Garcia D.C.stro M.; Martinez Honduvilla J., 1983:
Changes on the albumin and globulin fractions in artificially aged pinus pinea seeds

Locati G.A.; Espeche M.E.; Fraile E.R., 1980 :
Changes on the bacteriological chemical and sensory characteristics of antarctic krill euphausia superba during storage at 0 2 celsius

Gardner J.; Valadian I., 1983:
Changes over 30 years in an index of gynecological health

Kim, J.; Goldfischer, S.; Biempica, L., 1976:
Changes produced by clofibrate in hepatocytes of rats with sucrose-induced hyperlipidemia

Khan"mova T.; Vabel Y., 1979:
Changes produced in maize grain micro flora by various gamma irradiation doses

Vilanova-Trias, J., 1978:
Changes produced in the location of the ovaries in rat embryos by the action of testosterone

Takeba G., 1980:
Changes revealed by a tracer technique in the amino acid metabolism of thermo dormant and nondormant lettuce lactuca sativa cultivar new york 515 improved seeds

Takehara K., 1985:
Changes the affinity of rabies viruses to chick embryo tissue caused by serial passage in chick embryos

Raemaekers, J., 1978:
Changes through the day in the food choice of wild gibbons

Itoh Y.; Yoshinaka F.; Ikeda S., 1980:
Changes to higher molecular weight of protein molecules during the gel formation of carp acto myosin by heating and participation of sulfhydryl groups in these changes

Jacobs, R.; Owens, J.A.; Falconer, J.; Webster, M.E.; Robinson, J.S., 1988:
Changes to metabolite concentration in fetal sheep subjected to prolonged hypobaric hypoxia

Hawksworth D.L., 1982:
Changes to the british checklist arising from the abolition of later fungal starting points

Piatigorsky, J.; Tyler, A., 1970:
Changes upon fertilization in the distribution of RNA-containing particles in sea urchin eggs

Tanuma, K., 1984:
Changes with advance of age of the human maxillomandibularis, zygomaticomandibularis and superficial temporalis

Fried K.; Erdelyi G., 1984:
Changes with age in canine tooth pulp nerve fibers of the cat

Bisanz, J.; Danner, F.; Resnick, L.B., 1979:
Changes with age in measures of processing efficiency

Warnock, M.L.; Kunzmann, A., 1977:
Changes with age in muscular pulmonary arteries

Gillette, R.W.; Fox, A., 1980:
Changes with age in the homing properties and mitogen responses of lymphocytes from normal and leukemia prone mice

Bannister, D.W.; Taylor, T.G.; Burns, A.B., 1970:
Changes with age in the level of plasma hydroxy proline in the domestic fowl

Thomas, P.K.; King, R.H.; Sharma, A.K., 1980:
Changes with age in the peripheral nerves of the rat. An ultrastructural study

Kassam, A.H.; Elston, J.F., 1976:
Changes with age in the status of water and tissue characteristics in individual leaves of vicia faba

Agren L.; Cederberg B.; Svensson B.G., 1979:
Changes with age in ultrastructure and pheromone content of male labial glands in some bumble bee species hymenoptera apidae

Chesky, J.A.; Rockstein, M.; Lopez, T., 1980:
Changes with age of myo cardial creatine phospho kinase in the male fischer rat

Lakatos P.; Krasznai I.; Vargha P.; Gergely I.; Hollo I., 1987:
Changes with aging in the bone mineral content of lumbar spine and femoral neck in healthy women

Warnica, J.W.; Goresky, C.A.; Burgess, J.H., 1978:
Changes with exercise in dilution estimates of extravascular lung water in patients with mitral stenosis

Zama, A.; Asai, M.; Yasuda, F., 1977:
Changes with growth in bony cranial projections and color patterns in the japanese boarfish pentaceros japonicus

Akin, D.E.; Robinson, E.L.; Barton, F.E.I. ; Himmelsbach, D.S., 1977:
Changes with maturity in anatomy histochemistry chemistry and tissue digestibility of bermuda grass plant parts

Skjoldal H.R.; Bamstedt U.; Klinken J.; Laing A., 1984:
Changes with time after capture in the metabolic activity of the carnivorous copepod euchaeta norvegica

Ban Y.; IIno S.; Hamada N.; Momotani N.; Minura T.; Nishikawa Y.; Ito K., 1979:
Changes with time in the concentrations of serum tri iodo thyronine thyroxine and thyrotropin after oral administration of various thyroid hormones

Antoniw J.F.; White R.F., 1986:
Changes with time in the distribution of virus and pathogenesis related protein around single local lesions of tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi nc

Hood I.A.; Sandberg C.J., 1979:
Changes within tree crowns following thinning of young douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii infected by phaeocryptopus gaeumannii

Rhoades R.E., 1986:
Changing a post harvest system impact of diffused light potato stores in sri lanka

Streit L.; Feller U., 1983:
Changing activities and different resistance to proteolytic activity of 2 forms of glutamine synthetase in wheat triticum aestivum leaves during senescence

Streit L.; Feller U., 1982:
Changing activities of nitrogen assimilating enzymes during growth and senescence of dwarf beans phaseolus vulgaris

Pavlichenko, V.P.; Milovanov, O.V.; Urban, V.P., 1976:
Changing activity of post vaccinal antibodies in pigs with different blood groups

Dorofeev, B.F.; Korablev, M.V.; Kepelevich, V.M., 1983:
Changing acute toxicity and some pharmacological effects of streptomycin sulfate by calcium 4' phospho pantothenate

Longino C.F.Jr, 1982:
Changing aged nonmetropolitan migration patterns 1955 1960 and 1965 1970

Fincham A.G., 1980:
Changing amino acid profiles of developing dental enamel in individual human teeth and comparison of the protein matrix of developing human and bovine enamel

Greene F.L., 1985:
Changing anatomical patterns of large bowel cancer a left to right shift

Iles K.; Wilson W.H., 1988:
Changing angle gauges in variable plot sampling is there a bias under ordinary conditions

Peeters, M.; Frost, E.H.; Collet, M.; Ossari, S.; Yvert, F.; Ivanoff, B., 1987:
Changing antibiotic susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Franceville, Gabon

Haynor D.R.; Mack L.A.; Soules M.R.; Shuman W.P.; Montana M.A.; Moss A.A., 1986:
Changing appearance of the normal uterus during the menstrual cycle magnetic resonance studies

Hulek, A., 1983:
Changing approaches to methodology of research in special education

Vermund, H.; Jacobsen, A.B.; Kaalhus, O.; Levernes, S.; Melsom, H.; Tausjø, J.; Thorud, E.; Thorvik, J.; Winther, F.; Wist, E., 1987:
Changing aspects in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue

Bainbridge E.T.; Barnes A.D., 1983:
Changing aspects of primary hyper parathyroidism

Wing S.; Dargent Molina P.; Casper M.; Riggan W.; Hayes C.G.; Tyroler H.A., 1987:
Changing association between community occupational structure and ischemic heart disease mortality in the usa

Stromberg, B.V., 1985:
Changing bacteriologic flora of hand infections

Monga K.; Fernandez A.; Deodhar L., 1986:
Changing bacteriological patterns in neonatal septicemia

Pipkin F.B.; Colenbrander B.; Macdonald A.A., 1986:
Changing basal and stimulated activity of the renin angiotensin system during the second half of gestation in the anesthetized piglet

Krolick, K.A.; Sercarz, E.E., 1981:
Changing behavior of surface immuno globulin on mouse b lymphocytes during immune development 1. lipo poly saccharide induced changes in the lateral mobility of b lymphocyte surface immuno globulins on 2 populations which express different surface immuno globulin phenotypes

Krolick, K.A.; Sercarz, E.E., 1981:
Changing behavior of surface immuno globulin on mouse b lymphocytes during immune development 2. surface immuno globulin modulation clearly distinguishes 2 stages of b cell maturation in the neo nate

Mckenna S.P.; Hale A.R., 1982:
Changing behavior towards danger the effect of first aid training

Van Holst G.J.; Klis F.M.; Bouman F.; Stegwee D., 1980:
Changing cell wall compositions in hypocotyls of dark grown bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar prelude seedlings

Kop, Y.; Factor, H., 1985:
Changing characteristics of the Israeli population and the utilization of health care services

Westervelt V.; Brantley J.; Ware W., 1983:
Changing childrens attitudes toward physically handicapped peers effects of a film and teacher led discussion

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Changing distribution of primary cancers in the large bowel

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Changing dominance of an algal species caulerpa filiformis

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Changing ecology of riverine resources of northwestern himalaya and its effect on commercial and sport fisheries

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Changing effects on erythrocyte sodium and potassium during the development of chronic renal failure with anemia in rats

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Changing electro cardiographic recording technology and diagnostic accuracy of myo cardial infarction criteria improved standards for evaluation of electro cardiogram measurement precision

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Changing factors influencing abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

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Changing fashions in the surgery of aortic aneurysms

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Changing fatty acid composition during somatic embryogenesis in cultures of Daucus carota

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Changing food consumption of japanese immigrants in the lowland of bolivia

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Changing food habits in developing countries

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Changing food habits of macquarie perch macquaria australasica pisces percichthyidae during the initial filling phase of lake dartmouth victoria australia

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Changing food patterns in west africa implications for policy research

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Changing from broad spectrum to narrow spectrum antibiotics during treatment of patients with septicemia

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Changing from oral to depot fluphenazine

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Changing geometry of the caudal fin of the picarel spicara smaris

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Changing kinetic properties of the two enzyme phosphoglycerate kinase nadp linked glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase couple from pea chloroplasts during photosynthetic induction

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Changing local health and safety practices at work within the explosives industry

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Changing marriage behavior some european comparisons

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Changing medical students' attitudes and professional behavior toward mental patients as a function of psychiatric clerkship

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Changing modality of treatment in upper urinary tract calculi percutaneous nephrolithotripsy and transurethro ureteral lithotripsy

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Changing mortality of peptic ulcer disease in Germany

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Changing motivation in severely suicidal patients

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Changing of antigenic immunogenic and chemical properties of a coxiella burnetii strain during chick embryo yolk sac passaging

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Changing of collagen polymerization of dietary regimes involvement of carboxyl terminal cross linking

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Changing of microbial activities in alpine soils under ski slopes and foot paths

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Changing of teeth of raja undulata

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Changing of the composition of essential oils by cyclodextrin complex formation

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Changing of the protein pattern in the two types of eggs of formica polyctena foerster queens insecta hymenoptera formicidae differently predisposed during embryogenesis

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Changing ophthalmoplegia in the course of parathyroid carcinoma

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Changing oral cues in suckling of weaning age rats possible contributions to weaning

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Changing orientations among cocaine users: consequences of involvement in community distribution networks

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Changing orientations of medical students to patient care biomedical vs. biopsychosocial models

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Changing panorama of perinatal and infant mortality in diabetic pregnancy

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Changing parameters of donor semen

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Changing patients' health beliefs to improve compliance with alcoholism treatment: a controlled trial

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Changing pattern in concentrations of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in the air of central london england

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Changing pattern in reserve capacity of gonadotropin secretion

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Changing pattern of childhood blindness in Saudi Arabia

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Changing pattern of neonatal septicemia in an african city

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Changing pattern of residual tumor in Burkitt lymphoma: findings at autopsy

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Changing pattern of Shigella serotypes in a southern Indian population

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Changing patterns in drug therapy for ischemic heart disease

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Changing patterns in malignant disease and its treatment

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Changing patterns in mental illness in the elderly

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Changing patterns in pediatric surgical care

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Changing patterns in the clinical features and prognosis of systemic lupus erythematosus - a Japanese experience

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Changing patterns in the evaluation of renal masses: economic implications

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Changing patterns in the humoral immune response to malaria before, during, and after the application of control measures: a longitudinal study in the West African savanna

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Changing patterns in the late pleistocene early holocene prehistory of southern africa as seen from the nelson bay cave stone artifact sequence

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Changing patterns in the practice of carotid endarterectomy in a large metropolitan area

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Changing patterns in the response to humorous sexual stimuli sex roles and expression of sexuality

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Changing patterns in the use of antibiotics in a general hospital a comparative study 1978 1982 following a policy of antibiotic utilization

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Changing patterns of behavior during the early stages of bonnet monkey macaca radiata

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Changing patterns of breast cancer among American women

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Changing patterns of cancer in korea six year experience of cancer admissions in the beneficiaries of korean medical insurance corporation

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Changing patterns of early complications in cataract surgery with new techniques: a surgical audit

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Changing patterns of enamel matrix proteins in the developing bovine tooth

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Changing patterns of failure in advanced head and neck cancer

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Changing patterns of gene expression during sporulation in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Changing patterns of graduate medical education analyzing recent trends and projecting their impact

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Changing patterns of hip fracture care before and after implementation of the prospective payment system

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Changing patterns of home visiting in the north of england uk

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Changing patterns of hospital infections and antibiotic use. Prevalence surveys in a community hospital

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Changing patterns of infections in patients with multiple myeloma

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Changing patterns of intrafamilial transmission of hepatitis b virus in okinawa japan

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Changing patterns of lactic acid levels associated with starvation and insulin induced hypo glycemia in different regions of rabbit brain

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Changing patterns of lung cancer in the usa

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Changing patterns of methaqualone abuse. A survey of 246 fatalities

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Changing patterns of perinatal and infant mortality in Western Australia: implications for prevention

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Changing patterns of serotypes and drug resistance of salmonella and shigella

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Changing penicillin resistance of the gonococcus in Thailand

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Changing perceptions of a dating partner

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Changing perceptions of family cohesion and power across adolescence

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Changing perspectives on acetaminophen

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Changing photo respiratory ratio and enzyme activity during stages of stem and leaf development in parthenium hysterophorus

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Changing pituitary reactivity to fsh and lhrh after induced ovulatory cycles and after anovulation in patients with polycystic ovarian disease

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Changing practice habits of king county washington usa obstetricians

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Changing practice on confidentiality: a cause for concern

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Changing presentation of myocardial infarction with increasing old age

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Changing primary cesarean section patterns at a private hospital

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Changing priorities the effect of pre migratory fattening on the trade off between foraging and vigilance

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Changing proestrous surges of luteinizing hormone in aging 5 day cyclic rats

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Changing profiles in vasectomy subjects in the past decade

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Changing proteins on the surface of a parasitic nematode trichinella spiralis

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Changing rates of cesarean delivery the duke university north carolina usa experience 1978 1986

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Changing rates of histone messenger rna synthesis and turnover in drosophila melanogaster embryos

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Changing rates of uptake of tritiated leucine and other compounds during culture of tobacco mesophyll protoplasts

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Changing ratio of breast cancer incidence rates with age of black females compared with white females in the usa

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Changing ratio of human chorionic gonadotropin subunits synthesized by early and full term placental poly ribosomes

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Changing ratios of nuclear estrone to estradiol binding in endometrium at implantation: regulation by chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone during rescue of the primate corpus luteum

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Changing reactivity of receptor carboxyl groups during bacterial sensing

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Changing relationships between structure and function in the cochlea during recovery from intense sound exposure

Tetlow, H.J.; Broughton Pipkin, F., 1986:
Changing renin substrates in human pregnancy

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Changing residence dynamics of the symbiotic relationship between dissodactylus mellitae pinnotheridae and mellita quinquiesperforata echinodermata

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Changing response to caloric stimulation with gestational age in infants

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Changing response to chloroquine of Plasmodium falciparum in Saradidi, Kenya, from 1981 to 1984

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Changing responses of stomata to abscisic acid and carbon dioxide as leaves and plants age

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Changing results and concepts in the surgical treatment of double outlet right ventricle analysis of 137 operations in 126 patients

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Changing risks in tuberculosis

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Changing RNA patterns in rotaviruses of human origin: demonstration of a single dominant pattern at the start of an epidemic and various patterns thereafter

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Changing role of stimulus intensity as a determinant of infants' attention

Voeks R.A., 1988:
Changing sexual expression of a brazilian rain forest palm attalea funifera mart

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Changing site distribution patterns of colo rectal cancer at thomas jefferson university hospital philadelphia pennsylvania usa

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Changing sodium intake in children the minneapolis minnesota usa childrens blood pressure study

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Changing source and sink relationships in rice oryza sativa through different canopy profiles under field conditions

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Changing specialties: do anesthesiologists differ from other physicians?

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Changing spectrum of ocular herpes simplex with steroid abuse

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Changing stresses and recurrent somatic symptoms in adolescents

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Changing style of schizophrenic symptomatology

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Changing surgical concepts in the treatment of priapism

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Changing survival prospects in rectal and colonic cancer

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Changing techniques in retinal detachment surgery at our hospital

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Changing the biological activity of arensulfonyl succinamic acids by reactions of salt formation and dehydration

Rashal' I.D.; Filipeka V.F., 1984:
Changing the connection between barley stem length and root system stability by experimental mutagenesis

Mcclain, W.H.; Foss, K., 1988:
Changing the identity of a transfer rna by introducing a g u wobble pair near the 3' acceptor end

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Changing the Mediterranean diet: effects on blood lipids

Korol' A.B.; Zhuchenko A.A., 1980:
Changing the parameters of quantitative character distributions in the progeny of hetero zygotes under mutagen treatment formal analysis

Overbeeke, C.J., 1986:
Changing the perception of behavioral properties by subliminal presentation

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Changing the permeability of streptomycete cytoplasmic membranes by gramicidin s and its derivatives

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Changing the preoccupied name georgia penzensis

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Changing the speed of shift rotation: a field study

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Changing topographic patterns of human cerebral blood flow with age measured by xenon computed tomography

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Changing treatment of breast cancer in new mexico usa from 1969 through 1985

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Changing treatment of pediatric splenic trauma

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Changing trend in the treatment of postoperative intestinal obstruction

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Changing trends and prognostic features in endometrial cancer associated with exogenous estrogen therapy

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Changing trends in contact lens associated corneal ulcers: an overview of 116 cases

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Changing trends in heroin abuse in India: an assessment based on treatment records

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Changing trends in indications for cesarean section

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Changing trends in southeastern louisiana usa honey production through 25 years

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Changing trends in surgery for benign gallbladder disease

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Changing trends in the surgical treatment of invasive carcinoma of the vulva

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Changing trends of incidence rates for circumcision and vasectomy among korean physicians for past 50 years a cohort observation

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Changing trends of tobacco use in a teenage population in western pennsylvania usa

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Changing types of nephritogenic streptococci in Trinidad

Kurosumi K.; Tanaka S.; Tosaka H., 1987:
Changing ultrastructural in the estrous cycle and postnatal development of prolactin cells in the rat anterior pituitary as studied by immunogold electron microscopy

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Changing unsubstantiated belief testing the ignorance hypothesis

Wong, E.T.; Schultz, A.L., 1977:
Changing values for the normal thyroid radioactive iodine uptake test

Chalmers, B., 1987:
Changing views regarding some delivery customs among Pedi women

Abdel Karim E.I.; Brady J., 1984:
Changing visual responsiveness in pregnant and larvipositing tsetse flies glossina morsitans

Bock, C.E.; Lepthien, L.W., 1976:
Changing winter distribution and abundance of the blue jay 1962 1971

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Changing work pattern in a geriatric unit and the effect of a day hospital

Goldacre, M.J.; Ingram, R.M., 1983:
Changing workload in ophthalmology: some observations from routine statistics

Kumari P.; Gupta N.K.; Khera S., 1987:
Channaculina neculata new genus new species channaculinae new subfamily lernaeidae cobbold copepoda milne edwards an ectoparasite of channa striatus

Russel, D.G., 1981:
Channel capacity for kinesthetic torque information

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Channel catfish virus comparative replication and sensitivity of cell lines from channel catfish ictalurus punctatus ovary and the brown bullhead

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Channel catfish virus physicochemical properties of the viral genome and identification of viral poly peptides

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Channel catfish virus: use of nucleic acids in studying viral relationships

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Channel changes and invertebrate faunas below nant y moch dam river rheidol wales uk

Beschta R.L., 1983:
Channel changes following storm induced hillslope erosion in the upper kowai basin torlesse range new zealand

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Channel formation in phospholipid bilayer membranes by the toxin of helminthosporium maydis race t

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Channel formation properties of black widow venom

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Channel forming action a general property of the venom of spiders of the family theridiidae aranei

Mirzabekov T.A.; Akhmerov T.N., 1987:
Channel forming membrane protein 32 kilodalton from brown adipose tissue mitochondria

Mironova G.D.; Mirsalikhova N.M., 1981:
Channel forming protein of sodium potassium atpase preparation from swine kidney medullary layer

Mccabe, F.; Collins, J.F.; Walsh, M., 1978:
Channel fragipan like horizons in the soils of a drumlin in north central ireland

Breitschmid P.; Brenner H.R., 1981:
Channel gating at frog rana temporaria neuro muscular junctions formed by different cholinergic neurons

Bird J.F., 1982:
Channel incision at eaglehawk creek gippsland victoria australia

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Channel properties of the hydrophobic fragment molecular weight 40 50 kilodaltons of magnesium calcium atpase of the sarcoplasmic reticulum of the skeletal muscles of rabbits

Harvey M.D.; Watson C.C., 1988:
Channel response to grade control structures on muddy creek mississippi usa

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Channel structures in synthetic polypeptides with alternating configurations conformational analysis at poly d l proline

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Channel structures of gramicidin: characterization of succinyl derivatives

Weichman F.L., 1981:
Channeled plastic for greenhouse and sky light use

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Channeling of carbamoyl phosphate in the multi enzyme complex that initiates pyrimidine biosynthesis in rat ascites hepatoma cells

Cohen, N.S.; Cheung, C.W.; Raijman, L., 1987:
Channeling of extramitochondrial ornithine to matrix ornithine transcarbamylase

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Channelization and livestock impacts on salmonid habitat and biomass in western washington usa

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Channels at the catalytic site of glycogen phosphorylase b binding and kinetic studies with the beta glycosidase inhibitor d gluconohydroximino 1 5 lactone n phenylurethane

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Channels for water flow in epithelia: characteristics and regulation

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Channels of emotional expression in patients with unilateral brain damage

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Channels produced by spider venoms in bilayer lipid membrane: mechanisms of ion transport and toxic action

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Chantransia hermannii and the systematic position of the genera chantransia pseudochantransia and audouinella

Herbert P.D.N.; Grewe P.M., 1985:
Chaoborus induced shifts in the morphology of daphnia ambigua

Swift M.C.; Forward R.B.Jr, 1981:
Chaoborus punctipennis prey capture efficiency in the light and dark

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Chaos asymmetric growth and group selection for dynamical stability

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Chaos in abstract kinetics 2 prototypes

Willumsen N.B.S., 1982:
Chaos zoochlorellae new species gymnamoebia amoebidae from a danish fresh water pond

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Chaotic and irregular bursting electrical activity in mouse pancreatic beta cells

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Chaotic atrial tachycardia in 22 infants

Pikovskii A.S., 1986:
Chaotic autowaves in excitable media

Devaney, R.L., 1987:
Chaotic bursts in nonlinear dynamical systems

Nicolis J.S.; Tsuda I., 1985:
Chaotic dynamics of information processing the magic number 7 plus minus 2 revisited

Nagata S.; Sakakibara H.; Park Y D.; Fujita T.; Kawazoe K.; Beppu S.; Nimura Y., 1983:
Chaotic echo motion in the left ventricular cavity visualization of ruptured chordae tendineae of the mitral valve by real time 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Johnson M.S.; Black R., 1982:
Chaotic genetic patchiness in an inter tidal limpet siphonaria sp

Iwami, K.; Yasumoto, K., 1982:
Chaotropic ions in activation and protection of gamma glutamyl transferase ec from fruiting bodies of lentinus edodes

Dooijewaard, G.; Slater, E.C.; Van-Dijk, P.J.; De-Bruin, D.J.M., 1978:
Chaotropic resolution of high molecular weight type i nadh dehydrogenase and reassociation of flavine rich type ii and flavine poor subunits

Davis E.A., 1987:
Chaparral conversion to increase streamflow in arizona usa sequential treatments extend duration of nitrate loss to stream water

Swaranjeet K.; Bains G.S.; Maninder K., 1982:
Chapaties with leavening and supplements changes in texture residual sugars and phytic phosphorus

Chabaud, A.G.; Tcheprakoff, R., 1977:
Chapiniella diazi new species strongylid parasite of testudo denticulata in venezuela

Gunn, C.R.; Norman, E.M.; Lassette, J.S., 1980:
Chapmannia floridana fabaceae

Mckenzie K.G., 1981:
Chapmans mallee bores and sorrento bore ostracoda in the national museum of victoria australia with the description of maddocksella tumefacta new genus new combination

Paulman, R.; Meyers-Abell, J., 1980:
Chapmans vs. broen and storms theory of schizophrenic thought disorder an empirical comparison

Sloan, M.E.; Rodis, P.; Wasserman, B.P., 1987:
Chaps solubilization and functional reconstitution of beta glucan synthase from red beet beta vulgaris l. storage tissue

Jensen A.J.; Johnsen B.O., 1980:
Char salvelinus alpinus robbing nests of three spined sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus

Cherno, N.K.; Dudkin, M.S.; Areshidze, I.V., 1976:
Chara aculeolata pectins

Hoffmann, R.; Bisson, M.A., 1986:
Chara buckellii a euryhaline charophyte from an unusual saline environment i. osmotic relations at steady state

Luther H., 1979:
Chara connivens in the baltic sea area

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Chara sp in miocene pliocene marls at cuevas del almanzora vera basin southeastern spain

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Characeae charophyceae from the french west indies

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Characeae communities in the oligohaline kuhgrabensee and adjacent waters west germany

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Characeae from bavaria part 1 determination key and illustrations

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Characeae new forms and a change in status

Wood, R.D.; Mason, R., 1977:
Characeae of new zealand

Ling Y., 1985:
Characeae of shanxi china

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Characean charasome complex and plasmalemma vesicle development

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Characoid fishes characoidea from paraguay 1. xenurobrycon macropus

Gery J.; Mahnert V.; Dlouhy C., 1987:
Characoid fishes non characidae from paraguay pisces ostariophysi

Gery, J.; Mahnert, V., 1984:
Characoid fishes ostariophysi characoidea collected by cl. vaucher in the peruvian amazon region

Wilkinson C., 1988:
Character analyses for discrimination and affinity recognition of the north american microlepidoptera in the genus ectoedemia busck nepticulidae lepidoptera

Estabrook G.F.; Gates B., 1984:
Character analysis of the banisteriopsis campestris complex malpighiaceae using spatial auto correlation

Shaw J., 1984:
Character analysis phylogeny and classification of the moss genus pohlia

Dobrovol'skii I.A.; Shanda V.I.; Hayeva N.V., 1979:
Character and directions of syngenesis in technogenic ecotopes of the krivoi rog basin ukrainian ssr ussr

Paillet F.L., 1988:
Character and distribution of american chestnut sprouts in southern new england usa woodlands

Wanyura H.; Rajchert Trzpil M.; Kryst L.; Osowiecki H., 1981:
Character and dynamics of post extraction bacteremia

Pick A.; Loven D.; Douer D.; Kessler H.; Dyczyminer M.; Har Zahav L., 1980:
Character and function of mononuclear cells in the spleen and peripheral blood in hodgkins disease

Lukoshevichyute A.I.; Reingardene D.I., 1980:
Character and genesis of some disturbances of cardiac rhythm and conductance in posterior myo cardial infarction

Bozhkov S.; Toshkov I., 1987:
Character and sequence of changes induced by leukosis virus strain e 26 in poults

Lipovetskii B.M.; Plavinskaya S.I.; Konstantinov V.O., 1983:
Character and significance of cardiodynamic disorders in patients with angina pectoris and after myo cardial infarction

Nigan S.N.; Dwivedi S.L.; Sigamani T.S.N.; Gibbons R.W., 1984:
Character association among vegetative and reproductive traits in advanced generation of intersubspecific and intrasubspecific crosses in peanut arachis hypogaea

Balyan H.S.; Singh T., 1987:
Character association analysis in common wheat triticum aestivum l

Katkade J.L.; Borikar S.T.; Singh A.R., 1986:
Character association and path analysis for seedling vigor in green gram

Awatade S.N.; Chopde P.R.; Makne V.G.; Choudhari V.P., 1980:
Character association and path analysis in pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Sen D.K.; Hamid M.A., 1986:
Character association and path analysis in proso millet panicum miliaceum l

Hazarika G.N.; Barthakur A.K.; Singh S.N., 1982:
Character association and path analysis in soybean glycine max

Shahane T.G.; Borikar S.T., 1982:
Character association and path analysis in winter sorghum sorghum bicolor

Dhumale D.B.; Mishra S.N., 1979:
Character association between forage yield and its components in oat avena sativa

Reddy K.C.; Reddi M.V.; Reddy K.R.; Reddy P.R.; Reddy J.T., 1987:
Character association heritability and genetic advance in the f 2 generation of 6 x6 diallel set of groundnut arachis hypogaea l

Rana, B.S.; Singh, R.B., 1974:
Character association in advanced progenies of extra long staple upland cotton

Kumar P.; Yadava T.P., 1982:
Character association in bunch group of groundnut arachis hypogaea

Sarkar A.; Roy B.N.; Gupta K.K.; Das B.C., 1987:
Character association in mulberry under close planting

Reddi M.V.; Subramanyam D.; Reddy J.R.; Murty B.K.; Reddy N.S.; Raj A.D., 1986:
Character association in virginia bunch and runner types of groundnut arachis hypogaea l

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Character associations and discriminant function analysis in eggplant solanum melongena

Upadhaya L.P.; Singh R.B.; Agarwal R.K., 1980:
Character associations in green gram vigna radiata populations of different maturity groups

Kapur R.; Srivastava B.L.; Srivastava H.M.; Saxena V.K., 1985:
Character associations in sugar beet beta vulgaris J.; Crawford D.J., 1979:
Character compatibility and phyletic relationships in several closely related species of chenopodium of the western usa

Navale P.A.; Harinarayana G., 1987:
Character correlation heritability and selection response in a population of foxtail millet

Asawa B.M.; Chandra R.K.; Panday R.L., 1981:
Character correlations and divergence in pigeon pea cajanus cajan

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Character correlations and selection indices in f 2 population of wheat triticum aestivum

Dhagat, N.K.; Goswami, U.; Narsinghani, V.G., 1977:
Character correlations and selection indices in italian millet

Narsinghani V.G.; Singh S.P.; Moitra P.K., 1979:
Character correlations in the f 2 progenies of mutated pea pisum sativum var arvense

Tadauchi O., 1982:
Character correlations of hairs in the japanese andrenid bees

Rivas L.R., 1982:
Character displacement and coexistence in 2 poeciliid fishes of the genus poecilia mollienesia from hispaniola

Crowder L.B., 1984:
Character displacement and habitat shift in a native cisco in southeastern lake michigan usa evidence for competition

Knoll A.H.; Niklas K.J.; Gensel P.G.; Tiffney B.H., 1984:
Character diversification and patterns of evolution in early vascular plants

Davies R.G., 1983:
Character diversity and taxonomic weighting in the numerical taxonomy of 2 insect groups hemiptera heteroptera diaspididae and lepidoptera drepanidae

Kamijima, O.; Takenaka, Y.; Nagasawa, H., 1985:
Character expression in a dwarf isogenic line of rice 2. the action of dwarf d 2 on cell proliferation and cell elongation in parenchyma of the 3rd internode

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