Check list for scientific names of common parasitic fungi supplement series 2a additions and corrections fungi on field crops beet and potato caraway flax and oilseed poppy

Boerema, G.H.; Loerakker, W.M.; Hamers, M.E.C.

Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology 93(Suppl 1): 1-18


Accession: 004935092

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This paper supplements Series 2a (Neth. J. Pl. Path. 82 (1976) 193-214) and documents the nomenclature of an additional four parasitic fungi. The data of sixteen fungi (teleomorph and/or anamorph) previously treated in Series 2a have been brought up to date and in accordance with the recent changes in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature ('Sydney Code'). One new combination is prposed, viz. Uromyces beticola (Bellynck) Boerema et al. [Uredo beticola]. The scientific names used in official publications of the Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology and the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries conform with those selected in the check-list.