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Chemi luminescence of 2 6 hydroxy 2 benzothiazolyl 4 isopropylidene delta 2 thiazolin 5 one a byproduct formed in the chemi luminescence of a firefly luciferin analog

White, E.H.; Suzuki, N.; Miano, J.D.

Journal of Organic Chemistry 43(12): 2366-2369


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3263
Accession: 004935425

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The structure of 2-(6'-hydroxy-2'-benzothiazolyl)-4-isopropylidene-.DELTA.2-thiazolin-5-one (4) was assigned to a byproduct formed in the chemiluminescence of esters of the dimethyl derivative of firefly luciferin. Compound 4 was chemiluminescent on reaction with potassium phenoxide and O2. Thiazolinecarboxylic acids and thiazolinones are apparently brought into equilibrium by base, and share a common intermediate in the chemiluminescence reaction.

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