Chemical composition of water in the river mala panew and its tributaries and of the ground water in its basin in the upper silesian industrial region southern poland

Bombowna, M.

Acta Hydrobiologica 28(1-2): 55-68


Accession: 004937185

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The water chemism was influenced by industrial pollution, the forestation of the drainage basin and its agricultural utilization. The last one was especially evident in the ground water. The River Mala Panew is significantly loaded with non-biodegradable pulp-mill wastes. Metallurgical industrial, domestic sewage, and mining waters of great salinity drained into the River Stola bring about periodical formation of the sodium chloride type of water with parallelly advanced destruction. Below the inflow of the River Stola the self-purification zone of the River Mala Panew is extended, this constituting a threat to the dam reservoir at Turawa.