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Chemical control of common and fuscous bacterial blights in michigan navy pea beans

Weller, D.M.; Saettler, A.W.

Plant Disease Reporter 60(9): 793-797


Accession: 004937423

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Several chemicals and chemical combinations were tested for control of infection of Navy (pea) beans by Xanthomonas phaseoli (Xp) and X. phaseoli var. fuscans (Xpf), incitants of bean common and fuscous bacterial blights, respectively. Each chemical was applied on 2 spray schedules; an early spray schedule was initiated 2 wk before a late spray schedule. Copper hydroxide (56%) applied on either spray schedule, and 40% potassium (hydroxymethyl)methyldithiocarbamate applied on an early spray schedule provided the best blight control on leaves. Pod infection was not significantly reduced by any treatment and yield was not increased. Three Xp and 4 Xpf isolates were tested in vitro for sensitivity to 6 of the chemicals by a disc assay method and demonstrated a wide sensitivity range to individual chemicals.

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