Section 5
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Chemical control of coppicing shoots of brachystegia boehmii brachystegia spiciformis and julbernardia globiflora 2. basal bark spray application of tordon 155

Killilea, D.M.; Heelas, B.V.; Mcneill, L.

Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research 19(2): 185-190


Accession: 004937425

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Various mixtures of Tordon 155 and diesel oil were sprayed on the lower parts of stems of B. boehmii, B. spiciformis and J. globiflora coppice clumps. Concentrations required to kill 80% of plants ranged from 12.6-115.6 g total acid equivalent of the picloram and 2,4,5-T constituents of Tordon 155 per liter spray solution. Treatments applied in Dec. or May were more effective than treatments applied in Sept. before leaf emergence. B. spiciformis was more resistant than B. boehmii or J. globiflora to basal bark treatment with Tordon 155.

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