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Chemical control of coppicing shoots of brachystegia boehmii brachystegia spiciformis and julbernardia globiflora soil application of bromacil and tebuthiuron

Millilea, D.

Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research 20(2): 165-168


Accession: 004937429

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Suspensions of bromacil wettable powder in water were applied to the soil around coppicing shoots of B. boehmii, B. spiciformis and J. globiflora at various rates. In a separate trial, tebuthiuron pellets were applied at various rates to the ground around B. spiciformis plants. Treatments were applied in Sept./Oct., Jan./Feb. or April/May. Under many circumstances, bromacil can be successfully used to control coppicing shoots but applications of tebuthiuron appeared less effective. Applications of bromacil at the beginning or end of the rainy season tended to be more effective than applications made in the middle. Treatment of plants with bromacil over the 1977/1978 rainy season, when rainfall was unusually heavy, was more effective than treatment of plants in the 1976/1977 season, when rainfall was more normal.