Chemical control of cotton aphid aphis gossypii

Ullah, K.; Paul, P.

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research 6(3): 213-215


Accession: 004937430

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Chemical control of Aphis gossypii Glov. in cotton with six insecticides showed 100 percent efficiency after three days of treatment except Carbaryl-60. The best results were obtained 14 days after treatment by Nuvacron-40 (0.06 percent), Metasystox-50 (0.05 percent) Fernos-50 (0.05 percent), Dimethoate-35 (0.075 percent), Carbaryl-50 (0.75 percent) and Carbetox-37 (0.15 percent) in decreasing order. Aphid reinfestation occurred on cotton plants 14 days after treatment. All insecticides used, showed no phytotoxic effect on the crop.