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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4940

Chapter 4940 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fujki, Y.; Aizono, Y.; Funatsu, M., 1978:
Chemical properties of major subunit of rice bran lipase ec

Watanabe, T., 1977:
Chemical properties of mating substances in paramecium caudatum effect of various agents on mating reactivity of detached cilia

Rosenberg, E.; Fytlovitch, S.; Carmeli, S.; Kashman, Y., 1982:
Chemical properties of Myxococcus xanthus antibiotic TA

Tret'yakova S.S.; Sokolova N.I.; Shabarova Z.A., 1983:
Chemical properties of new affinity reagents mixed anhydrides of amp adp and atp with mesitylenecarboxylic acid

Tsai B.; Iguchi T.; Kondo S.; Hisatsune K., 1986:
Chemical properties of o antigenic lipopolysaccharides isolated from vibrio parahaemolyticus o 2 and o 9 in particular the separation and identification of 2 keto 3 deoxy 5 phosphoryloctonate found in their strong acid hydrolysates

Kai H.; Masayna W.; Aibe T.; Hamada E.; Jiraporncharoen S.; Yamada Y.; Vacharotayan S.; Cholitkul W.; Kanareugsa C., 1981:
Chemical properties of paddy soil in thailand and malaysia

Loveland P.J.; Hazelden J.; Sturdy R.G., 1987:
Chemical properties of salt affected soils in north kent england uk and their relationship to soil instability

Dormaar J.F., 1983:
Chemical properties of soil and water stable aggregates after 67 years of cropping to spring wheat

Tolonen, K.; Hosiaisluoma, V., 1978:
Chemical properties of surface water in finnish ombrotrophic mire complexes with special reference to algal growth

Gross, D.C.; Devay, J.E.; Stadtman, F.H., 1977:
Chemical properties of syringomycin and syringo toxin toxigenic peptides produced by pseudomonas syringae

Kaplan H.; Hamel P.A.; Chan A.M L.; Oda G., 1982:
Chemical properties of the amino termini of human hemo globin

Alazard J.P.; Dadoun H.; Lusinchi X., 1981:
Chemical properties of the cyclic alpha hydroxy nitrones action of sodium borohydride benzoyl chloride and of sulfonyl p toluene partial synthesis of derivatives of pregnane derivatives functionalized on carbon 18

Dadoun, H.; Alazard, J.P.; Parello, J.; Lusinchi, X., 1978:
Chemical properties of the cyclic alpha hydroxy nitrones isomerization in the presence of an acid of a steroidal alpha hydroxy nitrone

Chan, Y.K.; Oda, G.; Kaplan, H., 1981:
Chemical properties of the functional groups of insulin

Mikulska J.; Lisowski J., 1985:
Chemical properties of the placental fc y receptor

Tsujita, Y.; Endo, A., 1977:
Chemical properties of the poly saccharides associated with acid protease ec of aspergillus oryzae grown on solid bran media

Riveros Moreno V.; Niblock A., 1979:
Chemical properties of the principle in corynebacterium parvum that produces splenomegaly in mice

Mugiya Y.; Takahashi K., 1985:
Chemical properties of the saccular endolymph in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Polic S.; Jakovljevic M.; Milosevic R., 1985:
Chemical properties of the soil from 1 part of the valley of the river ralja yugoslavia

Parry D.L., 1984:
Chemical properties of the test of ascidians in relation to predation

Kawase S.; Cai Y M.; Bando H.; Seki H., 1984:
Chemical properties of the yamanashi isolate of the bombyx densonucleosis virus

Kok O.B.; Grobbelaar J.U., 1980:
Chemical properties of water holes in the kuiseb river canyon namib desert south africa

Mientki, C.; Mlynska, I., 1977:
Chemical properties of waters of kortowskie lake poland inflows during 1968 1974

Bonmati M.; Pujola M.; Sana J.; Soliva M.; Felipo M.T.; Garau M.; Ceccanti B.; Nannipieri P., 1985:
Chemical properties populations of nitrite oxidizers urease and phosphatase activities in sewage sludge amended soils

D.S.uza Pinho A.; Ilton Morais F., 1980:
Chemical properties related to the soil micro variability of the reconcavo baiano brazil

Maisin J.R., 1982:
Chemical protection against long term effects in mice exposed to supralethal doses of x rays

Maisin, J.R.; Gerber, G.B.; Lambiet-Collier, M.; Mattelin, G., 1980:
Chemical protection against long term effects of whole body exposure of mice to ionizing radiation 3. the effects of fractionated exposure to c 57bl mice

Maisin, J.R.; Mattelin, G.; Lambiet-Collier, M., 1977:
Chemical protection against the long term effects of a single whole body exposure of mice to ionizing radiation part 1 life shortening

Maisin, J.R.; Decleve, A.; Gerber, G.B.; Mattelin, G.; Lambiet-Collier, M., 1978:
Chemical protection against the long term effects of a single whole body exposure of mice to ionizing radiation part 2 causes of death

Tursch B., 1982:
Chemical protection of a fish abudefduf leucogaster by a soft coral litophyton viridis

Doster M.A.; Bostock R.M., 1988:
Chemical protection of almond pruning wounds from infection by phytophthora syringae

Clavijo S., 1984:
Chemical protection of maize against attack of spodoptera frugiperda in different stages of growth of the plants and its effect on crop yields

Berardinelli, S.P.; Moyer, E.S., 1988:
Chemical protective clothing breakthrough time: comparison of several test systems

Mansdorf, S.Z.; Berardinelli, S.P., 1988:
Chemical protective clothing standard test method development. Part 1. Penetration test method

Coletta, G.C.; Mansdorf, S.Z.; Berardinelli, S.P., 1988:
Chemical protective clothing standard test method development: Part II. Degradation test method

Ohta, S.; Shinoda, M., 1982:
Chemical protectors against radiation 22. protective effect of various sulfur containing compounds on skin injury induced by x irradiation

Ohta, S.; Furukawa, M.; Shinoda, M., 1984:
Chemical protectors against radiation 23. radioprotective activities of ferulic acid and its related compounds

Guha S.R.D.; Karira B.G., 1981:
Chemical pulps for writing and printing papers from albizia moluccana

Bird K.T.; Hanisak M.D.; Ryther J., 1981:
Chemical quality and production of agars extracted from gracilaria tikvahiae grown in different nitrogen enrichment conditions

Neff E.L., 1982:
Chemical quality and sediment content of runoff water from southeastern montana usa rangeland

Sundrehagen E., 1982:
Chemical quality control of technetium 99m labeled plasmin by affinity radio chromatography

Glenn S.; Glen B.; Rieck C.E.; Ely D.G.; Bush L.P., 1981:
Chemical quality in vitro cellulose digestion and yield of tall fescue festuca arundinacea cultivar kentucky 31 forage affected by mefluidide

Mietz, J.L.; Karmas, E., 1977:
Chemical quality index of canned tuna as determined by high pressure liquid chromatography

Purtymun, W.D.; Buchholz, J.R.; Hakonson, T.E., 1977:
Chemical quality of effluents and their influence on water quality in a shallow aquifer

Mathai C.K., 1980:
Chemical quality of the agmark grades of black pepper berries

Althaus, F.R.; Lawrence, S.D.; Sattler, G.L.; Longfellow, D.G.; Pitot, H.C., 1982:
Chemical quantification of unscheduled DNA synthesis in cultured hepatocytes as an assay for the rapid screening of potential chemical carcinogens

Gallop P.M.; Fluckiger R.; Hanneken A.; Mininsohn M.M.; Gabbay K.H., 1981:
Chemical quantitation of hemo globin glycosylation fluorometric detection of formaldehyde released upon per iodate oxidation of glyco globin

Fei Y.; Chen C.; L.H., 1988:
Chemical quantitative taxonomic investigation of some taxa of paris

Sigdestad, C.P.; Connor, A.M.; Scott, R.M., 1975:
Chemical radiation protection of the intestinal epithelium by mercapto ethylamine and its thio phosphate derivative

Morozov, A.I.; Barkanov, A.I.; Devyatykh-Yu, N., 1973:
Chemical radiation treatment of neglected forms of malignant neoplasms

Nair, C.K.K.; Pradhan, D.S.; Sreenivasan, A., 1976:
Chemical radio sensitization and quality of cellular damage in bacteria exposed to gamma rays

Hammermaier A.; Reich E.; Boegl W., 1986:
Chemical radiochemical and radionuclide purity of eluates from different commercial fission molybdenum 99 technetium 99m generators

Jaimala; Bhartiya H.C., 1987:
Chemical radioprotection of mouse pachytene spermatocytes in vivo

Aono, O., 1977:
Chemical reaction and transport across membranes

Shim H K.; Moon S H., 1984:
Chemical reaction of adenine with diethoxymethyl acetate

Huang H.H., 1980:
Chemical reaction of dna with cross linking agents influence of base permutation on chemical reactivity

Brunelle D.J.; Singleton D.A., 1985:
Chemical reaction of polychlorinated biphenyls on soils with polyethylene glycol potassium hydroxide

Sen M.; Kar A.; Mahapatra B., 1980:
Chemical reaction of the wound and its relation to healing and timing for skin grafting

Christensen G.L.; Stulc D.A., 1979:
Chemical reactions affecting filterability in iron lime sludge conditioning

Bunow, B., 1978:
Chemical reactions and membranes a macroscopic basis for active transport part 2 nonlinear aspects

Bunow, B., 1978:
Chemical reactions and membranes a macroscopic basis for facilitated transport chemi osmosis and active transport part 1 linear analysis

Henglein A.; Gutierrez M., 1986:
Chemical reactions by pulsed ultrasound memory effects in the formation of nitrate and nitrite in aerated water

Isagulyants, M.G.; Ivanovskaya, M.G.; Oretskaya, T.S.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1987:
Chemical reactions in double stranded nucleic acids iv. characteristics of natural and modified internucleotide bond formation in template directed condensation of oligonucleotide phosphoimidazolides

Kuznetsova, S.A.; Ivanovskaya, M.G.; Gottikh, M.B.; Elov, A.A.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1988:
Chemical reactions in double stranded nucleic acids v. directed introduction of residues of aliphatic diamines or glycols into the dna sugar phosphate backbone

Gottikh, M.V.; Ivanovskaya, M.G.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1988:
Chemical reactions in double stranded nucleic acids vi. hydroxybenzotriazole esters of oligonucleotides as reagents for synthesizing dna duplexes with the modified sugar phosphate backbone

Dolinnaya, N.G.; Gryaznova, O.I.; Sokolova, N.I.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1986:
Chemical reactions in nucleic acid duplexes i. chemical ligation as a method for introduction of phosphoamide and pyrophosphate internucleotide bonds into dna duplexes

Dolinnaya, N.G.; Gryaznova, O.I.; Sokolova, N.I.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1986:
Chemical reactions in nucleic acid duplexes ii. selective modifications of the dna sugar phosphate backbone

Sokolova, N.I.; Ashirbekova, D.T.; Dolinnaya, N.G.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1987:
Chemical reactions in nucleic acid duplexes iv. cyanogen bromide as an efficient reagent in condensation of oligodeoxyribonucleotides

May, W.A.; Peterson, R.J.; Chang, S.S., 1983:
Chemical reactions involved in the deep fat frying of foods 9. identification of the volatile decomposition products of tri olein

Thompson, J.A.; May, W.A.; Paulose, M.M.; Peterson, R.J.; Chang, S.S., 1978:
Chemical reactions involved in the deep fat frying of foods part 7 identification of volatile decomposition products of tri linolein

Paulose, M.M.; Chang, S.S., 1978:
Chemical reactions involved in the deep fat frying of foods part 8 characterization of nonvolatile decomposition products of tri olein

Kato, T.; Sato, M.; Katagiri, N.; Awaji, T.; Nakano, J., 1978:
Chemical reactions of bikaverin

Matsubara T.; Horikoshi I., 1984:
Chemical reactivations of inactivated acetyl choline esterase after 2 pyridine aldoxime meth iodide therapy in fenitrothion poisoned rat and rabbit

Padbury, G.; Sligar, S.S., 1985:
Chemical reactivities of bleomycin

Dollwet, H.H., 1976:
Chemical reactivity of metallic copper in a model system containing biological metabolites

Yoshimura, H.; Natsuki, R.; Ida, S.; Oguri, K., 1976:
Chemical reactivity of morphine and morphine 6 conjugates and their binding to rat brain

Coffe, G.; Pudles, J., 1977:
Chemical reactivity of the tyrosyl residues in yeast hexo kinase ec properties of the nitro enzyme

Busch A.W., 1984:
Chemical reactor design theory and biological treatment of industrial wastes is there a gap

Lubbock R., 1979:
Chemical recognition and nematocyte excitation in a sea anemone stoichactis haddoni

Smith C.R., 1977:
Chemical recognition of prey by the gastropod epitonium tinctum

Barnett, C., 1977:
Chemical recognition of the mother by the young of the cichlid fish cichlasoma citrinellum

Mckaye, K.R.; Barlow, G.W., 1976:
Chemical recognition of young by the midas cichlid cichlasoma citrinellum

Kayfus G.P.; Boothe T.E.; Campbell J.A.; Finn R.D.; Gilson A.J., 1982:
Chemical recovery of thallium 203 following production and separation of lead 201

Buresh, R.J.; Moraghan, J.T., 1976:
Chemical reduction of nitrate by ferrous iron

Wouterlood F.G.; Nederlof J.; Paniry S., 1983:
Chemical reduction of silver chromate: a procedure for electron microscopical analysis of Golgi-impregnated neurons

Martin R.J.; N.W.J., 1984:
Chemical regeneration of exhausted activated carbon 1

Martin R.J.; N.W.J., 1985:
Chemical regeneration of exhausted activated carbon ii

Malinauskas, A.A.; Kulis-Yu-Yu, 1978:
Chemical regeneration of nad in the enzyme membrane reactor

Rakitin-Yu, V.; Alimova, R.A., 1976:
Chemical regulation of fruit set in a greenhouse culture of tomatoes

Simpson, D.J.; Baqar, M.R.; Lee, T.H., 1977:
Chemical regulation of plastid development part 3 effect of light and 2 4 chlorophenylthioethyldiethyl ammonium chloride on chromoplast ultrastructure and carotenoids of capsicum annuum

Rao D.V.R.; Chundawat B.S., 1984:
Chemical regulation of ripening in basrai banana at ambient temperature

Chodobski A.; Krolicki L.; Skolasinska K., 1986:
Chemical regulation of the cerebral blood flow in cats with rostropontine or prepontine transection of the brainstem

Bares R.H.; Wali M.K., 1979:
Chemical relations and litter production of picea mariana and larix laricina stands on an alkaline peatland in northern minnesota usa

Pasternak, K.; Kasza, H., 1978:
Chemical relations and primary production of the phyto plankton in the warmed water of the rybnik reservoir poland

Niemann G.J.; Van Genderen H.H., 1980:
Chemical relationships between pinaceae

W.X.L.; Dewey T.G., 1987:
Chemical relaxation in a chemiosmotic coupled system driving the calcium atpase with bacteriorhodopsin

Slifkin M.A.; Bakarudin I.; Corda D.; Caplan S.R., 1986:
Chemical relaxation in dark adapted and light adapted bacteriorhodopsin subjected to irradiation with modulated heat

Gormally J.; Sharma S., 1986:
Chemical relaxation in mixed micellar solutions containing surface active drugs and hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide micelles

Czerlinski, G.H.; Erickson, J.O.; Theorell, H., 1979:
Chemical relaxation studies on the horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase system

Fischer, J.F.; Cho, A.K., 1979:
Chemical release of dopamine from striatal homogenates: evidence for an exchange diffusion model

Zacharioudakis, J.N.; Larson, R.A., 1976:
Chemical removal of lateral buds of chrysanthemum morifolium

Klaas, E.E.; Swineford, D.M., 1976:
Chemical residue content and hatchability of screech owl eggs

Winterlin W.L.; Mchesney M.M.; Schoen S.R.; Seiber J.N., 1986:
Chemical residues during screening composting and soil incorporation of cotton gin waste

Park H.M.; Choi S.Y.; Yoo J.K.; N.S.Y.; Lee K.H., 1986:
Chemical resistance of apple orchard mites panonychus ulmi koch tetranychus urticae koch and their control with several acaricides

Dumas M.; Hubbes M., 1980:
Chemical resistance of pinus densiflora to fomes annosus

Berger, J.; Kock, M.; Cunningham, C.; Dodson, N., 1983:
Chemical restraint of wild horses: effects on reproduction and social structure

Wu, C.H.; Myers, H.R.; Santelmann, P.W., 1976:
Chemical retardation of bermuda grass turf

Riva D.O.; Barbone F.A.; Cornejo R.J.; Ceciliano A.; Rimoldi J.; Accorinti D.; Dowling E.; Galafassi H.D., 1987:
Chemical rhizolysis with intrathecal phenol in the management of chronic pain

Mandache, F.; Prodescu, V.; Constantinescu, S.; Kover, G.; Giuroiu, V.; Lutescu, I.; Vasiliu, M.; Abramescu, N.; Ghergut, A.; Et-Al, 1980:
Chemical sclero therapy of the adrenal medulla with 40 percent sodium salicylate with or without contralateral splanchnico sympathectomy in severe essential arterial hypertension 2. clinical paraclinical and technical studies results over a 2 20 year period original concepts and therapy

Mandache F.; Pambuccian G.; Stratulat S.; Cantaragiu S.; Moldoveanu E.; Constantinescu S.; Savi G.; Mandache E., 1980:
Chemical sclerosis of the adrenal medulla with sodium salicylate histo pathologic histo enzymatic electron microscopic and biochemical studies

Lowe P.A., 1986:
Chemical screening and prediction of bacteriuria a new approach

George V.; Abraham S.P., 1984:
Chemical screening of larger fungi for alkaloids

Gordon T.R.; Webster R.K.; Jackson L.F.; Hall D.H., 1985:
Chemical seed treatments for control of barley leaf stripe in california usa

Hoffmann J.A.; Waldher J.T., 1981:
Chemical seed treatments for controlling seed borne and soil borne common bunt tilletia caries of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar orin

L.R.ux J.; Muller D., 1985:
Chemical seed treatments to control seedborne stinking and loose smut diseases of wheat triticum aestivum in south africa

Sligar M.J., 1984:
Chemical selection and operational considerations for filter press de watering

Sofer, W.H.; Hatkoff, M.A., 1972:
Chemical selection of alcohol dehydrogenase negative mutants in drosophila

O'donnell, J.; Gerace, L.; Leister, F.; Sofer, W., 1975:
Chemical selection of mutants that affect alcohol dehydrogenase in drosophila part 2 use of 1 pentyn 3 ol

Vigue, C.; Sofer, W., 1976:
Chemical selection of mutants that effect alcohol dehydrogenase activity in drosophila part 3 effects of ethanol

Grineva, N.I.; Karpova, G.G., 1975:
Chemical selectivity and positional specificity of alkylation of ribosomal rna complementarily complexed with 3 3 o 4 n 2 chloroethyl n methylamino benzylidene oligo nucleotides

Spanton S.G.; Prestwich G.D., 1981:
Chemical self defense by termite workers prevention of auto toxication in 2 rhinotermitids

Guha S.R.D.; Karira B.G., 1981:
Chemical semi chemical and chemi mechanical pulps from casuarina equisetifolia

Stevens, J.C.; Bartoshuk, L.M.; Cain, W.S., 1984:
Chemical senses and aging taste vs. smell

Kubie J.L.; Halpern M., 1979:
Chemical senses involved in garter snake prey trailing

Yoshikawa K.; Omochi T., 1986:
Chemical sensing by novel electrical oscillator detection and quantitation of polysaccharides in concanavalin a solutions

Orlov, I.V.; Sherstnev, V.V.; Osipovskii, S.A., 1976:
Chemical sensitivity and convergent functions of central neurons

Yasnetsov V.V.; Pravdivtsev V.A., 1986:
Chemical sensitivity of neurons of the medial vestibular nucleus to enkephalins acetylcholine gaba and l glutamate

Yumatov E.A.; Kiyatkin E.A., 1983:
Chemical sensitivity of neurons to noradrenaline during immobilizational emotional stress in rats

Miller, T.; James, J., 1976:
Chemical sensitivity of the hyper neural nerve muscle preparation of the american cockroach

Andrianov V.V., 1980:
Chemical sensitivity of units in the visual cortex at different stages of formation of alimentary behavior

Faith, R.E.; Luster, M.I.; Moore, J.A., 1978:
Chemical separation of helper cell function and delayed hyper sensitivity responses

Straub O., 1976:
Chemical series vol 24 key to carotenoids lists of natural carotenoids

Verma V.K.; Sirohi P.S.; Choudhry B., 1984:
Chemical sex modification and its effects on yield in bitter gourd momordica charantia

Verma V.K.; Choudhury B., 1980:
Chemical sex modification in cucumber cucumis sativus through growth regulators and chemicals and their effect on yield

Braach Maksvytis V.L.B.; Cornell B.A., 1988:
Chemical shift anisotropies obtained from aligned egg yolk phosphatidylcholine by solid state carbon 13 nmr

Wismer, G.L.; Rosen, B.R.; Buxton, R.; Stark, D.D.; Brady, T.J., 1985:
Chemical shift imaging of bone marrow: preliminary experience

Frahm J.; Haase A.; Haenicke W.; Matthaei D.; Bomsdorf H.; Helzel T., 1985:
Chemical shift selective magnetic resonance imaging using a whole body magnet

Herrmann E.C.; Hoyer G A.; Kelm J., 1982:
Chemical shifts of fluoro bi phenyls with regard to substituent parameters 5

Dais P.; Perlin A.S., 1986:
Chemical shifts of the methyl groups in di o isopropylidene furanoses and their relationship to molecular conformation and site of ring fusion spin lattice relaxation measurements and motional characteristics

D.K.rte M.; Weissenbacher B.K.H.; Crewe R.M., 1988:
Chemical signals in a stingless bee trigona denoiti vachal hymenoptera apidae meliponinae

Jaenicke L., 1980:
Chemical signals in the sexual cycle of thallophytes

Nishizawa M.; Takenaka H.; Hayashi Y., 1986:
Chemical simulation of polycyclic diterpenoid biosynthesis using mercury ii triflate n n dimethylaniline complex mechanistic aspects of a biomimetic olefin cyclization

Nakata M.; Ueyama N.; Fuji M A.; Nakamura A.; Wada K.; Matsubara H., 1984:
Chemical simulation of rubredoxin by iron ii tetrapeptide complexes in aqueous triton x 100 micelle solution

Elks J., 1977:
Chemical society special publication no 28 recent advances in the chemistry of beta lactam antibiotics proceedings of an international symposium cambridge england june 28 30 1976

Mcguire, E.; Carrow, R.N.; Troll, J., 1978:
Chemical soil conditioner effects on sand soils and turf grass growth

Sharma E.; Ambasht R.S.; Singh M.P., 1985:
Chemical soil properties under 5 age series of alnus nepalensis plantations in the eastern himalayas india

Mansurov K.K.; Mansurova F.Kh, 1988:
Chemical solution of cholesterol gall stones with ursodeoxycholic acid

Nor Y.M.; Cheng H.H., 1986:
Chemical speciation and bioavailability of copper uptake and accumulation by eichhornia crassipes

Long, D.T.; Angino, E.E., 1977:
Chemical speciation of cadmium copper lead and zinc in mixed fresh water sea water and brine solutions

Larson T.V.; Ahlquist N.C.; Weiss R.E.; Covert D.S.; Waggoner A.P., 1982:
Chemical speciation of sulfuric acid ammonium sulfate particles using temperature and humidity controlled nephelometry

Kusaka Y.; Fukui Y.; Tsuji H.; Tamari Y.; Fujiwara Y., 1982:
Chemical species dissolved in ground waters from the neogene strata a comparison between shallow and deep ground waters

Kusaka Y.; Tsuji H.; Fujimoto Y.; Ishida K.; Fukui Y., 1981:
Chemical species dissolved in shallow ground waters of the plains around rokko mountains japan

Matsunaga K.; Negishi M.; Fukase S.; Hasebe K., 1980:
Chemical species of copper in the shukunohe river and lake ohnuma waters in japan

Park, C.K., 1981:
Chemical species of trace heavy metals in natural waters 1. chemical species of the added copper ii in river waters

Boggs, D.F.; Bartlett, D., 1982:
Chemical specificity of a laryngeal apneic reflex in puppies

Godden, D.J.; Borland, C.; Lowry, R.; Higenbottam, T.W., 1986:
Chemical specificity of coughing in man

Kosareva T.M.; Chelnokova M.N.; Belyaeva A.V., 1980:
Chemical spectral method for the determination of cobalt in soil extracts with the use of chromo pyrazole i

Kosareva T.M.; Chelnokova M.N., 1979:
Chemical spectral method for zinc copper cobalt and molybdenum group determination in soils

Baroni, T.J., 1978:
Chemical spot test reactions boletes

Micka K.; Klan J., 1980:
Chemical spot tests of macromycetes with benzidine

Das Gupta V.; Stewart K.R.; Dela Torre M., 1985:
Chemical stabilities of cefamandole nafate and metronidazole when together for intravenous infusion

Das-Gupta, V.; Bethea, C.; Dela-Torre, M., 1988:
Chemical stabilities of cefoperazone sodium and ceftazidime in 5 percent dextrose and 0.9 percent sodium chloride injections

Gupta, V.D.; Stewart, K.R., 1985:
Chemical stabilities of hydrocortisone sodium succinate and several antibiotics when mixed with metronidazole injection for intravenous infusion

Das Gupta V.; Parasrampuria J.; Gardner S.N., 1988:
Chemical stabilities of isoetharine hydrochloride metaproterenol sulfate and terbutaline sulfate after mixing with normal saline for respiratory therapy

Das Gupta, V.; Stewart, K.R., 1986:
Chemical stabilities of lignocaine hydrochloride and phenylephrine hydrochloride in aqueous solution

Jedlicková, R.; Svorcová, L., 1982:
Chemical stability and corrosion effects of Persteril and Dikonit in solutions with detergents

Setnikar, I.; Arigoni, R., 1988:
Chemical stability and mode of gastrointestinal absorption of sodium monofluorophosphate

Bergman N A.; Halvarsson T., 1988:
Chemical stability of a prostacyclin analogue due to the absence of intramolecular catalysis

Yamada, Y.; Whitaker, P.A.; Nakada, D., 1975:
Chemical stability of bacterio phage t 7 early messenger rna

Legeros R.Z.; Tung M.S., 1983 :
Chemical stability of carbonate- and fluoride-containing apatites

Ruecker G.; Neugebauer M.; Neugebauer M.; Heiden P G., 1987:
Chemical stability of fenethylline

Vysots'ka O.S.; Mochayev A.S.; Sedova S.G.; Trukhachev O.F., 1984:
Chemical stability of nonmetallic materials in the production of anesthesin

Podstatová, H.; Podstata, J.; Navrátil, P., 1980:
Chemical stability of Persteril in practice

Bysotskaya E.S.; Sedova S.G.; Kovalev I.P.; Trukhachev O.F., 1985:
Chemical stability of polymer materials in calendula officinalis tincture

Cho, M.J.; Allen, M.A., 1978:
Chemical stability of prostacyclin in aqueous solutions/

Eyer P.; Hell W., 1985:
Chemical stability of the hagedorn oximes hgg 12 and hi 6

Geisert, E.E.; Updyke, B.V., 1977:
Chemical stabilization of Golgi silver chromate impregnations I.S.; Veizer J., 1982:
Chemical stabilization of low magnesium calcite an example of brachiopods

Puhe J.; Ulrich B., 1985:
Chemical state of forest springs in the kaufunger wald lower saxony west germany

Alderton, G.; Snell, N., 1969:
Chemical states of bacterial spores dry heat resistance bacillus stearothermophilus

Homma Y.; Ohmomo Y., 1985:
Chemical states of stable zinc and aging effect of zinc 65 in the soil

Subramaniam A.; Sharma S.N.; Kumar A.; Singh N.P., 1983:
Chemical sterilization by intra testicular cobalt chloride in calves

Dixit, V.P., 1977:
Chemical sterilization: effects of danazol administration on the testes and epididymides of male rabbit

Fahim, M.S.; Fahim, Z.; Harman, J.M., 1982:
Chemical sterilization in the male 1. rats

Dixit, V.P.; Lohiya, N.K., 1976:
Chemical sterilization of male dog a single intra testicular injection of alpha chlorohydrin

Dixit, V.P., 1977:
Chemical sterilization of male langurs synergistic action of alpha chlorohydrin u 5897 with methallibure ici 33828 on the testes and epididymides of presbytis entellus entellus

Dixit, V.P., 1978:
Chemical sterilization of males successful inhibition of spermatogenesis in langurs presbytis entellus entellus dufresne after metopirone su 4885 administration

Laufe L.E., 1981:
Chemical sterilization with an intra uterine device

Johnson B.R.; Atema J., 1986:
Chemical stimulants for a component of feeding behavior in the common gulf weed shrimp leander tenuicornis

Wei, E.T., 1976:
Chemical stimulants of shaking behavior

Larsen F.E., 1979:
Chemical stimulation of branching in deciduous tree fruit nursery stock with ethyl 5 4 chlorophenyl 2h tetrazole 2 acetate

Ellabban, H.M.; Williams, D.B.; Mcdaniel, G.L., 1977:
Chemical stimulation of dormant bud growth of ficus elastica decora

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Chemical synoviorthesis in rheumatoid arthritis

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Chemical synthesis of a mitochondrial gene designed for expression in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae nucleus

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Chemical synthesis of a pentaribonucleoside tetraphosphate constituting the 3' acceptor stem sequence of escherichia coli isoleucine transfer rna using 2' o 3 methoxy 1 5 dicarbomethoxypentan 3 ylribonucleoside building blocks application of a new achiral and acid labile 2' hydroxyl protecting group in transfer rna synthesis

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Chemical synthesis of an octa nucleotide complementary to a portion of the cohesive end of phage p 2 dna and studies on the stability of duplex formation with phage p 2 dna

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Chemical synthesis of delta 7 24 3 alpha tritiated cholestadien 3 beta ol and its conversion to cholesterol in the rat

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Chemical synthesis of deoxyribonucleotides containing deoxyadenosine at the 3' end on a polystyrene polymer support

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Chemical synthesis of disaccharides of the specific phenolic glycolipid antigens from mycobacterium leprae and related sugars

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Chemical synthesis of eco r i linker for dna cloning

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Chemical synthesis of labeled intermediates in cyanogenic glucoside biosynthesis

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Chemical synthesis of oligo ribo nucleotides

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Chemical synthesis of peptide fragments of the hormone specific beta subunit of human fsh

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Chemical synthesis of phenylbutazone hydroperoxide and investigation of the drug for cardiac action under in vitro and in vivo conditions

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Chemical synthesis of phosphorus 32 labeled nucleoside tri phosphates of high specific activity

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Chemical synthesis of phosphorus 32 labeled pyro phosphate with high specific activity, L.M.; Frot-Coutaz, J.P.; Silverman-Jones, C.S.; Roller, P.R., 1977:
Chemical synthesis of phosphorylated retinoids. Their mannosyl acceptor activity in rat liver membranes

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Chemical synthesis of polysaccharides 7. enzymatic hydrolysis of 1 6 alpha dl glucopyranan dl dextran

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Chemical synthesis of potential anti metabolites 28. synthesis of 4 amino 1 2 deoxy beta d erythro pento furanosyl 1h imidazo 4 5 c pyridine 2' deoxy 3 deaza adenosine and its alpha anomer

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Chemical synthesis of restriction enzyme recognition sites useful for cloning

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Chemical synthesis of rna fragments related to the complex of four nucleotides hypothesis

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Chemical synthesis of several carcinogenic agents

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Chemical synthesis of some 2' 5' oligonucleotides analogs of 2' 5' oligoadenylic acid

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Chemical synthesis of some mono galactosyl and di galactosyl o glyco peptides

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Chemical synthesis of the 5' half molecule of escherichia coli glycine transfer rna 2/

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Chemical synthesis of the intermediates of salmonella senftenberg o antigen biosynthesis

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Chemically Defined Medium for the Accumulation of Intracellular Malate Dehydrogenase by Streptomyces aureofaciens

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Chemically defined medium for the growth of Clostridium perfringens

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Chemically induced smooth muscle tumors of the mouse urinary bladder

Tarr, G.C.; Lubiniecki, A.S., 1976:
Chemically induced temperature sensitive mutants of dengue virus type 2 comparison of temperature sensitivity in vitro with infectivity in suckling mice hamsters and rhesus monkeys

Tarr, G.C.; Lubiniecki, A.S., 1976:
Chemically induced temperature sensitive mutants of dengue virus type 2 part 1 isolation and partial characterization

Harzmann, R.; Gericke, D.; Altenähr, E.; Bichler, K.H., 1980:
Chemically induced transplantable carcinomas of the urinary bladder in dogs

Vollrath, M.; Altmannsberger, M.; Weber, K.; Osborn, M., 1986:
Chemically induced tumors of rat olfactory epithelium: a model for human esthesioneuroepithelioma

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