Chiasma frequencies and chiasma distribution in di ploid tetra ploid auto allo poly ploid and synthetic amphi di ploid wheats

Linnert, G.

Biologisches Zentralblatt 101(3): 385-393


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3304
Accession: 004942382

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Chiasma distribution between and within bivalents was investigated in diploid, tetraploid, auto-allopolyploid and synthetic amphidiploid wheats. One chromosome-arm may form either 1 terminal + 1 proximal, 1 interstitial, 1 terminal or no chiasma. Significant deviations of the frequencies observed from the expected one in 2-armed chromosomes by chance recombination demonstrate interference between chiasmata across the centromere, disturbance of interference in synthetic lines, species- and chromosome-specific patterns, and disturbance of chromosome pairing. Auto-allopolyploids form multivalents.