Chromosomal contamination for male recombination in drosophila melanogaster

Sved, J.A.; Colgan, D.J.

Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 35(6): 645-652


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-9417
DOI: 10.1071/bi9820645
Accession: 004951031

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The ability to induce male recombination may be passed from 1 chromosome to another (not necessarily homologous) chromosome. This phenomenon is investigated, using strains known to interact in the P-M system of hybrid dysgenesis, and is analogous to the phenomenon of chromosomal contamination in the I-R system of hybrid dysgenesis, in that the passage of properties from 1 chromosome to another is correlated with other manifestations of dysgenesis. Unlike the I-R system, contamination can occur in males as well as in females in the P-M system, a result which is consistent with other differences between the 2 systems. The contaminated chromosome acquires only a portion of the dysgenic properties of the original chromosome, and the inheritance is unstable over more than a few generations.