Chromosome numbers and sex determining systems in 14 species of chrysomelinae coleoptera chrysomelidae

Petitpierre, E.

Caryologia 31(2): 219-224


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-7114
Accession: 004952723

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Analysis of chromosome number and sex-determining system in 14 spp. of chrysomelids belonging to 4 tribes of Chrysomelinae provided a modal number of 2n = 24 chromosomes and Xyp sex-system. Gastrophysa polygoni, Mesoplatys cincta (Phaedonini), Gonioctena nivosa, G. linnaeana, G. quinquepunctata (Phyllodectini), Chrysolina coerulans, C. bicolor, Oreina ganglbaueri (Chrysolinini), Paropsis reticulata, Paropsisterna octosignata, P. beata and Chrysophtharta variicollis (Paropsini) have karyotypes of 24 chromosomes while Cyrtonus punctipennis and C. plumbeus (Phaedonini) have 28 chromosomes. The most primitive number for the subfamily is probably 2n = 20 which is in agreement with the primitive number of Coleoptera Polyphaga. This number is only encountered in the ancestral genus Timarcha, and this formula could represent the cytological evolution of the subfamily.